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6 Essential Tips for Caring for a New Dog

By Peppertan

Welcoming a dog into your family is one of the best decisions you can make, as the whole clan can enjoy years of wonderful memories with a pet.

On top of showering your canine with love and attention, you will want to ensure you provide the best level of care. Read our six essential tips for caring for a new dog.

Train Your Pet Pooch

The training process should begin from the moment you welcome a dog into the home. Create a vocabulary list for the whole family to use when giving directions. Using the same wording for commands will prevent confusion, so he or she will learn at a quicker rate.

Create a Schedule

It’s not only a dog training plan you need to carefully consider. Introduce a feeding, toileting and exercise schedule from day one. It’s also easy to give into a pet when he or she whines when left alone, but don’t. Only give a pet attention for good behavior to aid the training process. For instance, you can shower a pet with love for resting silently, urinating outside the home or chewing on a chew toy.

Talk to a Vet

Research the best vet for your pet to ensure your dog lives a long and happy life. Discuss any vaccines your pet may need with a vet, and you could also ask for advice on feeding and training. A vet will have all the answers to any questions about any problems or concerns relating to your dog.

A Flea Treatment

All dogs are prone to fleas, which is why you must look for an effective flea treatment for dogs. The pesky little bugs can cause your pet to itch and scratch, so say goodbye to fleas once and for all with a preventative or treatment product.

Be Patient

It’s not uncommon for a dog to feel a little strange in a new environment, so you may not see his or her personality for a few weeks after an adoption. Don’t be surprised if your new canine companion is a little uneasy with you or other members of the family at first.

Show your dog patience and understanding, while maintaining the same walking and feeding schedule. A schedule will show a pet what is expected of him or her, which will help to develop a routine,while showing a dog what they can expect from you.

Nutritional Food

Adopting a pet can sometimes be expensive, so you may be tempted to opt for cheap dog food. However, the cheapest option may not always be the healthiest option for your pet. It’s important to discuss their nutritional needs with a vet and find a brand to match.

Also, try not to give any scraps when a dog begs for food, as they can often be harmful to their body. Only provide them with food you know is good for them and give he or she an appropriate portion size.

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