6 Best Clixsense/Ysense Survey Tricks to Complete More Surveys

Posted on the 06 February 2021 by Nirmalkumar1997

Ysense is a popular GPT (Get Paid To) website with more than 1 million registered users making money from this platform.

The platform offers users various ways to make money from Ysense including,

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Appen Tasks
  • Affiliate Program

While Ysense has got multiple earning options, one has to be strong with any one of the above listed earning options to earn a good sum of money every month.

In this article, we will look into the ysense survey tricks to help you complete more surveys and earn more income out of Ysense.

Ysense Surveys

Completing Paid Surveys at Ysense is a popular online side hustle and it is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

Because you can complete a survey in a matter of minutes depending upon the length of the survey and see the cash flowing to your Ysense account.

A Survey typically takes from 5 -25 minutes to complete. The length of the survey depends upon the survey panel you choose and you will be compensated accordingly.

How do Paid Surveys work?

Companies and brands depend upon User feedback to improve their product or service. A survey is a method for Brands to collect data from consumers.

However, conducting surveys and collecting data from consumers is a time-consuming task for Brands. Hence they depend upon Survey panels for conducting these surveys.

Survey panels help companies identifying the audience, setting up questions, and attracting consumers to fill these surveys.

On successful completion of these paid surveys, the participant will be paid with rewards or cash for his honest opinion.

In the end, brands get the consumer feedback they needed to improve their product.

Requirements to participate in Ysense Survey

To participate in a Ysense survey you will need,

  • Computer
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Ysense account
  • Free time to answer questions

How can I complete Ysense Surveys?

To complete a Ysense survey,

Login to your Ysense account and navigate to the Surveys dashboard.

Ysense Surveys Dashboard

Each survey will have,

  • Unique Survey ID
  • Name of Survey Panel
  • LOI (Length of the Interview)
  • The reward for the survey

LOI (Length of the Interview) is an estimation of the time required to complete the survey.

Click on an available survey and start answering the questions.

If you have successfully reached the ‘Thank You’ message, you will be credited with the reward.

Note: If you do not reach the Thank You page, you will not be credited for taking up the survey.

How can I get paid for Ysense Surveys?

On successful completion of Ysense surveys, the amount gets credited to your Ysense account.

Ysense Survey Rewards

Cashout at Ysense can be done through one of the following payment modes:

  • Payoneer (Min Payment: $52)
  • Paypal (Min Payment: $10)
  • Skrill (Min Payment: $5.05)
  • Reward Link India (Min payment: $7)

Ysense Daily Checklist Bonus

Ysense offers a daily checklist bonus in addition to earnings from tasks, offers, and surveys.

To be eligible for a daily bonus you would have to complete any one of the following,

  • At least 2 surveys or offers
  • At least 10 Appen Tasks
  • At least 5 Appen Tasks and at least 1 survey or offer

Completing any one of the above, you will be eligible to get a 12% bonus on your daily earnings.

By installing Ysense Addon and maintaining your bonus streak, you can get up to a 16% bonus on your daily earnings.

How can I check the number of surveys completed?

Navigate to the Surveys History page, which will show a 90-day snapshot of

  • Your survey Attempts
  • Status (Clicked, Started, Completed, Screened out or Quota Full)
  • Earnings of the survey

Why am I getting screened out in Ysense Surveys?

Ysense surveys are profitable and have earning potential. But users struggle to complete more surveys.

Surveys have pre-loaded questions to determine if the audience belongs to the set criteria. Some examples of criteria could be,

  • Parents of young children under 5 years of age
  • People who commute by public transport to the office
  • Online gaming fans
  • Social Media users

If your answers for these pre-loaded questions don’t match the eligibility criteria for the surveys, then you are screened out.

These pre-loaded questions are part of surveys and cannot be skipped.

If the survey has already collected the required number of responses in your age/gender/demographic group, then you will be screened out mentioning “Quota Full

How to get more Surveys at Ysense?

Your list of available surveys in the Survey dashboard will keep changing.

Each survey will run out after a limited period or after they reach a certain number of participants. After the survey runs out you will not be able to participate in the survey.

Surveys are offered based on First Come and First Serve. It is advisable to complete the surveys as soon as they appear.

Ysense Survey Addon

Pro Tip: Top surveyors keep checking for new surveys regularly using the Ysense browser addon, which gives a quick notification whenever a new survey or task is available.

The addon is available only for Desktop users and with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer browsers.

Ysense Survey Addon

This addon displays,

  • Summary of your Ysense account balance
  • Recent Earnings
  • Available Survey Invites
  • Available Tasks

Ysense Survey Tricks

The following survey tips and tricks will help you complete more surveys.

1) Choosing Appropriate Work Sector

One of the pre-loaded questions to check eligibility criteria is choosing your work sector.

The options for these questions will be limited and may not be relevant to your actual work sector. However, choosing any random option among the given will not help you.

Such activities will result in immediate screening.

It is recommended to choose None of the above if your work sector is not mentioned.

2) Entering Original Age

Some people enter a random Date of Birth or age as a result of being careless and lazy. Such an attempt will send a flag to survey panels.

Your answers will be considered invalid and untrustworthy and you will start receiving irrelevant surveys resulting in affecting your chances to complete more surveys in the future.

Repeated attempts will result in your account being blocked. You will get a block message from Ysense like,

“We’ve noticed that some of your responses are not being provided as directed or are inconsistent with previous responses. While our Quality Assurance Team reviews your responses, we’re restricting your access to Surveys.”

The ideal solution is to respond to each survey with your correct data to avoid being blocked.

3) Looking out for Verifications

Brands are looking for humans to submit honest opinions and participants are paid for the same.

To prevent the usage of bots, many survey panels will have in-built verification questions.

The concept behind these verification questions is that bots cannot recognize the verification questions, but humans can recognize them.

These verification questions could be as simple as asking you to select a particular option from the given options.

If you miss these verifications and select the wrong option, you will be screened out.

4) Maintaining Answers throughout the Survey

Another attempt to prevent usage of bots and random clicks is by asking the same question again and again throughout the survey.

You are expected to maintain the same answer throughout the survey.

Choosing different answers for the same question in a survey can get you screened out.

5) Choosing Surveys for more earnings

Surveys are available only for a limited time. Hence, it is suggested to choose the right surveys to increase your survey earnings before it expires.

Surveys dashboard allows you to sort the surveys by,

Reward: Completing more high paying surveys for increased earnings.

Shortest time: Completing more short surveys, can give you increased earnings. You can complete more surveys in a given duration.

6) Avoid Bypassing Screening Questions

Being screened out for irrelevant surveys is normal.

But, do not attempt to bypass the survey by trying to match the type of person the survey is looking for.

Such attempts to bypass surveys can end up getting your account blocked.

You are being paid for sharing your honest opinions. Hence, these violations will be considered seriously.

Why no surveys are available at Ysense?

Survey availability depends upon

  • Country
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages you speak, etc

There would be occasions where no surveys would be available. This is temporary and soon you will start to get survey invites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked Questions on the Ysense survey includes,

What if a survey attempted to result in a technical error?

If a technical error occurs while attempting a survey, report it to the Ysense Technical team, who will take care of it further.

Why did the survey screen me out before I finish?

Surveys might ask you the same question multiple times to check if you are paying attention and not choosing random answers. Conflicting answers will result in disqualification from the survey.

What should I do if I did not receive compensation for the survey completed?

If you are not compensated for a completed survey, contact the customer service with the following information • Survey Provider • Survey ID • Survey Credit Amount • Survey URL • Screenshot of Survey Completion

Why am I disqualified from surveys?

Submitting inconsistent answers throughout the survey can get you disqualified. Disqualified users are not allowed to take any surveys further.

Wrapping Up

The easiest and appropriate way to complete more surveys is by sharing your honest opinion and avoid manipulating surveys.

By following these tricks, you can complete more surveys.

Your earnings at Ysense can be boosted along with other methods like Offers, Tasks, Affiliate Program, Daily Bonus, etc

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