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56 Ways to Be Free, Financially Independent and Happy

By The Contender @The__Contender

56 Ways to Be Free, Financially Independent and HappyLive free from debtHave fun with the kidsClimb treesDig the gardenOwn the house outrightCancel the contracts Consolidate the insuranceFreecyclePlay with the catWalk in the hillsMake cakesCut up the credit cardBin the TVAvoid plastic junkSetup direct payments Listen to music Spend less than you earnBurn somethingDrink some wine and danceDelete online shopping accounts Shop localStand away from the herd and observeGrow some vegStart your own businessWalk and cycleMend your clothesInvestCuddle and kissDelete email subscription spam Put the kids in the gardenVote for the outsiderHave a partyKnow your neighborsDelete social mediaDo you really need to buy it?Read a bookCook fresh foodInstall an internet ad blocker Sit in the darkDoodle on a piece of paperTurn everything off at nightGet a job you actually likeWear weird clothes ResignKeep calm and opt outBe free from the StateStay away from the mainstream media Be nakedWhy being Angry? Get lost in the countrysideLaugh out loud in public Is it really that bad - frame itEnjoy today, plan for tomorrowExercise naturally ;)
#FinancialIndependence Seek #Happiness FISH!
Peace, prosperity and happiness
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