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52 First Food Recipes For Babies

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

Congratulations, your little one is starting solids!!! This is his first step into the real world, and you want to make it as pleasant for him as you can! In many cultures, starting solids is an occasion to be celebrated, with guests coming over to see baby take his first bite of something other than milk.

Now comes the tough part, what should I feed my baby? Since your little one is just starting out, he needs foods that are easy to eat, digest and mild to taste. Not to mention easy for you to make; after all, no Mom wants to spend all night in the kitchen!

So, as a solution to all your problems, we've drawn up this ultimate list of 52 first food recipes for babies, thinking of Moms just like you! Just click on the name of the dish to go to the recipe. And no, you don't need to visit any gourmet supermarket for these; your regular grocery store will do. So let's get ready to start feeding your little eager beaver!

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

We've split the entire list of recipes into type, so it's easier for you to search for what you like. As for breakfast, lunch and dinner, babies are pretty flexible, so you can feed them any dish at any time!

Soup Recipes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

Soups are a great idea to feed baby when it's not yet meal time. He'll feel full, but it wont' affect his appetite. Experiment with the spices to find your baby's sweet spot!

  1. Lentil Soup (Dal ka Paani) - Lentils are rich in protein and garlic is antibacterial and anti inflammatory
  2. Rice Soup (Chawal ka Paani) - Great way to rehydrate baby
  3. Barley Water - Non allergenic, making it the perfect first food
  4. Carrot Beet Soup - Rich in color and nutrients
  5. Vegetable Soup - Perfect way to use vegetables that baby is already familiar with
  6. Chicken Clear Soup - Rich Source of Protein and Iron

Puree Recipes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

Purees have been baby's first foods since time immemorial!! Start out with really smooth purees, and as baby grows, increase the chunkiness slowly, so that she gets used to real 'solid' food without any fuss!

  1. Carrot Puree - Great for developing immunity
  2. Potato Puree - Generally well accepted among babies
  3. Pumpkin Puree - High fiber; great for constipation
  4. Beet Potato Puree - Relieves congestion during cold; anti inflammatory
  5. Carrot Potato Puree - Filled with goodness of root vegetables; same recipe as Beet Potato Puree
  6. French Beans Puree - Good source of antioxidants and micronutrients
  7. Bottle gourd (Lauki) Puree - Good for hydration; contains 90% water
  8. Sweet Potato Puree - High content of Vitamin A, Betacarotene
  9. Carrot Palak Puree - Rich in Calcium and other minerals
  10. Apple Puree - Naturally sweet; good source of Vitamin C
  11. Pear Puree - Ideal for babies with GERD/Reflux
  12. Apple Puree with Cinnamon Twist - Warming, with benefits of apple, pear and cinnamon
  13. Banana Puree - Excellent source of potassium
  14. Papaya Puree - Relieves constipation
  15. Papaya Banana Puree - Super combination for good digestion
  16. Avocado Puree - Great benefits for brain growth and development
  17. Kiwi Puree - Rich sources of essential vitamins like A, C
  18. Chicken Puree with Veggies - Thigh and leg meat are rich in easily absorbed iron

Porridge Recipes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

Many people think of porridge in term of oats, but there are several ways to make it!! Here are some sweet and savory recipes that most babies are sure to love!

  1. Rice Cereal Porridge - Basic recipe; add fruit or vegetables for more taste and nutrition
  2. Wheat Dalia Porridge - Rich in iron, folic acid and vitamins
  3. Ragi Porridge - Ideal weaning food
  4. Sathu Mavu Porridge - Perfect combination of cereals
  5. Oats Porridge - Filling and rich in various micronutrients
  6. Apple Oats Porridge - Sweet, filling and great source of fiber
  7. Semolina (Sooji/Rava) Porridge - Easily digested; good source of trace minerals
  8. Lotus Seeds (Makhana) Porridge - Good source of magnesium, potassium and phosphorous
  9. Apple Rice Cereal Porridge - Great way to add fruit to basic rice porridge

Rice Dishes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

When your baby is used to purees, you can begin feeding him well cooked rice, an ideal form of which is khichdi. It's a great way to introduce baby to foods that are not just smooth pastes.

  1. Plain Khichdi - Mildly spiced; easily digestible
  2. Tomato Khichdi - Tangy taste; good source of lycopene
  3. Carrot Khichdi - Great way to introduce rice with vegetables in chunkier form
  4. Palak Khichdi - Good recipe to get babies used to eating their greens
  5. Apple Khichdi - A sweeter version of khichdi
  6. Pongal - Easily digestible food for fussy eaters
  7. Ghee Rice - Helps to boost immunity and adds calories
  8. Steamed Dosa - Can add vegetable purees to up the nutrient quotient

Juice Recipes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

Freshly squeezed juices are the perfect way to get the nutrients of fruit and vegetables, and are also a great way to rehydrate especially during the hot months. Start out with very small quantities though; fruit juices are higher in sugar than just fruit.

  1. Carrot Juice - Easy on the stomach; non acidic
  2. Grape Juice - Good source of antioxidants
  3. Tomato Juice - High in Vitamins A and C
  4. Pomegranate Juice - Great to control diarrhea

Dessert Recipes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

Even babies need a treat! Forget ice creams that contain all kinds of preservatives, and opt for healthier home made versions. During summer, these can also be chilled before serving.

  1. Oats Kheer - Great option for a hot day when served chilled
  2. Beetroot Halwa - Delicious and healthy option for dessert
  3. Sabudana Kheer - Good to relieve constipation
  4. Wheat Halwa - Healthy, wholegrain dessert
  5. Sweet Pongal - Mildly sweet; great for babies used to rice cereal

Stock Recipes for Babies

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

Stocks are very useful to add to various dishes to increase the nutrient quotient along with flavor. Avoid the use of salt so that baby gets the true flavor of the food you're making the stock with.

  1. Vegetable Stock - Can be added to soups or khichdis
  2. Chicken Stock - Can be added to chicken soup or for cooking rice for more flavor

Well, we're pretty sure that covers all the basics!! Now you can create a wide and varied menu for your baby - one that is wholesome and healthy and so easy to make! If you have trouble creating your own menu, check out our baby food charts here. And yes, you can always buy homemade instant mixes for your baby from the My Little Moppet Store!

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You can also download these recipes as an ebook here.

Lots of Love,

52 First Food Recipes For Babies

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