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50 Best Wedding Lists on Twitter

This blog post today is for the busy wedding professional using Twitter that would like to become better acquainted with other twitter colleagues. I personally like to call them "twalleagues", but so far this term has NOT caught steam!
50 Best Wedding Lists on Twitter
Twitter can be insanely time consuming so if you are short on "social networking" time then the best thing to do is to follow Twitter "lists".
Many wedding pros (myself included), have elected to create public Twitter lists. These lists neatly "bundle" our favorite wedding twitter contacts together.  Others can choose to follow these public lists. This does three things:
  1. It keeps your follower count down (minimizing your timeline traffic).
  2. Allows you to pull up the list when you are in the mood to read just wedding industry buzz.
  3. You will discover professionals that you probably wouldn't have met through your normal twitter usage.
The following public lists, curated by seasoned twitter wedding pros are worth your time. Most of the titles are self explanatory. The first part of the link indicates the twitter user, and the second portion is the name of the list. Feel free to explore these lists, follow and connect! Note: If you have a significant Twitter presence/following, you will probably find yourself listed, which is always nice to discover!
  1. @CTDESIGNSINC/allthingswedding
  2. @CTDESIGNSINC/allthingswedding2
  3. @DesignsbyShay/wedding-tweeps
  4. @IvyEllen/wedding-pr
  5. @DessyGroup/weddingwebsites
  6. @Weddingistas/weddingblogs
  7. @ArveyColumbus/wedding-event
  8. @foreverlogos/cool-wedding-people
  9. @CandacePolk/wedding-and-event-pros
  10. @stylemepretty/wedding-bloggers
  11. @PlanWeddingFree/weddingprofessionals
  12. @Weddzilla/wedding-experts
  13. @Thebridallist/Weddings
  14. @WedBiz/weddingmarketing
  15. @WedBiz/wed-and-wedbiz-journal-writers
  16. @WedBiz/weddingtv
  17. @thinksplendid/engage11
  18. @DessyGroup/weddingwebsites
  19. @atxmichele/stylemeprettylets
  20. @anishmistry/wedding
  21. @ladybead/wedding-tweets
  22. @fawnthomas/wedding-resources
  23. @makeupbyjanine/all-things-wedding
  24. @emburke25/weddings
  25. @weddingraphy/wedding
  26. @CachicDesign/wedding-inspiration
  27. @amfairbanks/wedding
  28. @LaMonaLisa1/wedding-vendors
  29. @NicIslandInn/weddings
  30. @designerpapers/wedding-industry
  31. @tracimcmaster/wedding-and-events
  32. @WeddinginSurrey/weddings
  33. @voleurdebijoux/weddingfriends
  34. @RevAngela/weddingvendors
  35. @VivaLVWeddings/weddings
  36. @jennyvi/bridal
  37. @MontaluceWeddin/atlanta-wedding-event-ppl
  38. @SavCatering/wedding-pros
  39. @NadinePoliard/atlanta-wedding-vendors
  40. @TnBellaWeddings/weddings
  41. @designerpapers/stationery-and-paper
  42. @COutlookDesign/stationery-designers
  43. @Designs2Impress/hotdesigners
  44. @PlanWeddingFree/wedding-professionals
  45. @LeeHenryEvents/event-wedding-planners
  46. @SmartBride/wedding-planners-usa
  47. @DessyGroup/weddingplanners
  48. @ChicagoWeddings/chicago-weddings-news
  49. @ChicagoWeddings/wedding-creatives-chicago
  50. @weddingsbyvip/chicago-wedding-vendors-2
Let me know which lists you think should be added here! --ct

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