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5 Wonderful Pleasure Places in India

By Krishnaspirit @KKsharma143

India is an increasingly popular place to go for holidays as more and more westerners head east to understand more about this fascinating country. This can be a huge country and there are endless cities, villages and towns to trek through. This could make deciding where to go a little difficult. With that in mind here are five fantastic holidaymaker destinations in India.

5 Wonderful Pleasure Places in India

1) Mumbai: The main city of India is a place filled with frenzy, culture shocks and excitement. This isn't a city full of beauty but there's a lot of beauty to be found here, one of the buildings, the food, the culture and also the people. Mumbai will show you the epitome on Indian city life. It might not be relaxing but it will be a rich experience which will stay with you.

2) Goa: If you need a seaside break the beaches of Goa might be just what you need. These golden sands are beautiful and fringed with palm and coconut trees. Goa can also be full of fantastic restaurants, bars along with other attractions so you won't get bored.

3) Chennai: Chennai, which was once called Madras, is a fantastic destination within the south east of India. Here you are able to throw yourself into the hubbub of Indian city life somewhere where the people remain extremely friendly, regardless of the size if the place. Beaches and restaurants are particularly appealing in Chennai there are some great historic towns nearby.

4) Pondicherry: Pondicherry is a three hour drive from Chennai and worth the trip. This town was a French colonial town and also the architecture shows this clearly. You will find stunning beaches here, lots of shopping and great food. Recent movie The life span of Pi was filmed partly in Pondicherry.

5) Agra: Agra is a well-liked tourist spot so you will be encompassed by other travellers here, but that's because it is home to the amazing Taj Mahal. This really is one of the wonders of the world and you've got to check it out if you visit India.

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