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5 Ways To Go On Vacation When You’re Short On Time

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect

When most people think of a vacation, they look forward to planning a week or two away from home on an exotic island stuck in an eternal summer. However, even if you only have a day or two, you can have a fun vacation that’ll be as good for your soul as it is for your wallet.

Find the Hottest Local Trail

Hiking is a fantastic way to get away from the stress and strain of work and other obligations. You can put buildings and roadways behind you and escape into the wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Before you pack your bags, see if you can find the hottest local trail or a nearby waterfall. Take you’re time as you wander the trails and even take the time to read those historic plaques. Bring along a picnic lunch and pick a beautiful spot for your meal. If you can, grab a family member or close friend to share the day with.

Book a Night at the Local Bed and Breakfast

Every town has a bed and breakfast nearby, so find yours with a quick Internet search. Read the reviews and pick the bed and breakfast that truly looks like a blast. Try to find one located next to great shopping, restaurants or hiking. When you get to the location, pursue the brochures and take a local tour. Many towns have fun haunted tours late at night, wine tastings and historical reenactments. Additionally, ask the desk staff about local hotspots and follow the night wherever it tries to take you.

Take a Drive and Find a New Town

Fill up your gas tank and start driving. You can pick a town before hand or follow your impulses. Either way, get out of your town and see something new. One the most crucial parts of a vacation is simply being away from home, so hop onto a train or into your car and go anywhere. Spend the day getting to know the shops and streets of the next town over. It’s surprising how much can be different after just a few miles. This isn’t a bad date idea either!

Plan a Mini Restaurant Tour

Have you heard of a slew of new restaurants in your area? Have you been meaning to try them all? Well, pick a weekend and try them all. Make reservations and plan your outfits in advance just for the fun of it. Don’t worry about anything else except what you’ll order for your next meal and simply enjoy the flavors. You’ll get the chance to enjoy your city and you may even end up in a new part of town. Between meals, stroll around the local area and see if you can find interesting shops or parks.

Be a Tourist in Your City

Once you move to a city, you probably don’t think about visiting the local historical sites or museums. After all, you’re probably busy trying to find DMV or a cheap place to park. Take a day and do all the things a tourist would do. Get the fried street food and take the fairy ride across the water. See the best your city has to offer and check out all the sights you’ve never seen. You might even find you’ve been missing out on the best bagels in town for years!

With the right attitude, you can plan a fun vacation for yourself in 60 minutes or less. All you have to do is think outside the box and look for the exciting opportunities nearby. Sometimes, trying new things in your home city is all you need to get that refreshing break from the normal hustle and bustle.

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