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5 Ways To Feel More Relaxed

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Chico's Parrot Print “I believe that beyond this space and time, all is well and all will be well.” — Oprah
What a weird time to be alive, eh? There are days when I am totally in the zone, while there are other days when I am barely getting by the day. One of the things I am constantly trying to do on such days is to find a way to get back to my positive state-of-mind. Below are few ways which have worked for me: 

1. Go to bed early 

When this whole COVID-thing started I had decided to let go of my usual routine and decided to take it easy. For the first few weeks I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 7am. But that didn't last long and now I am back to my old ways. I am in bed by 9:30pm and up at 5:00am and that had already made a huge difference to my mental health. So do what feels right to your natural body rhythm. 
2. Clear your space + energy 
We all have been decluttering, right? Or is it just me. For the past 3+ months I have been getting rid of everything that I have not used for over a year and everything that doesn't "feel" right to my current vibe and state-of-mind.   
3. Stretch
I cannot emphasize how do it feels. You don't have to do yoga or pilates, just roll out a mat and stretch. Whichever body part feel tight or tense, search a stretch for it on YouTube and just melt you body into the mat and thank me later! 
4. Breathe
While you are on the mat, might as well take out five minutes to just sit cross-legged and breathe in and out. Use the 4-7-8 breathing technique. How to do it?
  • empty the lungs of air
  • breathe in quietly through the nose for 4 seconds
  • hold the breath for a count of 7 seconds
  • exhale forcefully through the mouth, pursing the lips and making a “whoosh” sound, for 8 seconds
  • repeat the cycle up to 4 times

5. Practice positive re-enforcements Like I shared in my post here"Change your thoughts and you can change your world." - Norman Vincent Peale. Spend some time changing your mindset, then see what it can do for your well-being. 
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