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5 Ways Dance Reduces Stress In Children

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

May 8, 2018 Leave a Comment

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Ask any adult if they think today’s society is more stressful than ever before and you will probably hear a very loud “Yes!” However, ask the same adults if they think children are more stressed-out than ever before and you will be met with hesitation. They may agree that the demands of school, sports, and social event are greater than before, but they find it difficult to believe that children feel stress on the same level that they do. While children may not know how to express their stress, they feel it to a large degree – often to the point that it affects their daily life.

Why do kids feel stress?

5 Ways Dance Reduces Stress In Children

Stress is usually thought of as something that arises from adult problems like finances, work worries or relationships. But just because kids don’t live adult lives, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to stress. Some of the reasons children feel stress include:

  • Being picked on or bullied at school or on the school bus
  • Issues with learning or keeping up in class
  • Problems in the home
  • Exams and Tests
  • Trying out for or competing in sports
  • Being thinner, fatter, taller, or shorter than their peers
  • Being different

Any child may face one or more of these problems, which means that they can experience stress of varying degrees. It is important for parents and caretakers to tackle the problem as early as possible so that it doesn’t develop into a major issue later on. And one of the easiest and most fun ways to do it is through dance. Dance is a wonderful tool, utilized by people around the world. It is proven to be a stress buster and a healthy way to help your child develop.

5 Ways Dance Reduces Stress In Children

Children experience stress too, and need help to tackle it. Dance is a proven stress-buster - check out the different Ways Dance Reduces Stress in Children.

Dancing is an excellent stress buster for kids and adults. There are very sound, scientific reasons why this is true. Here are five ways dance class can help your child beat their battle with stress:

1. Physical exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins are the natural “feel-good” chemical in the brain. The more you move, the more endorphins your brain produces, and the better you feel. A good enthusiastic dance session releases enough endorphins to promote a lasting good mood.

2. Dancing trains a child to focus. As children dance, they focus on the steps, movements, and music. They develop their mental abilities gradually and find they can focus better on other things too, like homework, projects, and even play. This increased focus automatically does away with many sources of stress as they are able to think more clearly.

3. Dancing builds self-esteem. There is no “wrong” way to dance. A child may have to take some time out to find the genre they are best suited for. They may be better at Hip Hop rather than ballet and as they figure out what they are good at, their self-esteem blossoms. Having stylish and fun dance gear like increases their confidence and ups the fun factor.

4. Dancing teaches body control. Part of dancing is focusing on what your body is doing. You must control your muscles, breathing, and pace. A child learns to control their physical, and mental self. This helps them learn to control the way other people affect them. They feel less stress because they learn to be the master of their own body.

5. Dancing builds social skills. All children need to be a part of something. Some are into sports, while others are into music, art, or writing. They find their peers, and they become part of a team, a social group. When they have their own group, they are less likely to be affected by other people’s opinions. A kid that is part of the dance team doesn’t feel the need to apologize because they are not part of the soccer team. They feel comfortable with who and where they are.

5 Way Dance Class Helps Reduce Stress In Children

The best way to help your child beat stress is to watch for it and help them identify it. Pay attention to their moods. Are they anxious when it is time to get on the school bus? Do they drag their feet on a particular day over and over? These are signs that something is amiss.

Talk to them. Let them know you are on their side. More importantly, listen when they talk to you. Never dismiss their feelings. Help them face the problem head-on, but when your attention is required to correct a situation, step in.

Children experience stress too, and need help to tackle it. Dance is a proven stress-buster - check out the different Ways Dance Reduces Stress in Children.

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