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5 Way to Keep Your Hands Soft

By Jayshreebhagat
5 WAY TO KEEP YOUR HANDS SOFT Be it winter or summer, our hands can get rough any season, anytime of the year. Rough skin can be caused by drying, chapping and skin’s response to ordinary chemicals. They say that your hands always tells your age, which is why keeping your hands soft is one of the reason to make you look younger.
Here Are 5 Effective Ways To Keep Your Hands Soft:

1. Moisturize Your Hands:Use lotions everyday to keep your hand moisturized. Apply it again if you feel the need to but do not apply it often as it may prevent your hands from using its own natural moisturizer. The best moisturizers include lanolin. Another good one can be petroleum jelly.5 WAY TO KEEP YOUR HANDS SOFT

2. Protect Your Hands:Protect your hands while doing household chores like washing the dishes or doing the laundry. Switch to online laundry which also gives you a boon for services like ironing and online dry cleaning. You can choose to wear rubber or latex gloves while washing the dishes to keep them protected form over exposure to chemicals.5 WAY TO KEEP YOUR HANDS SOFTSOURCE

3. Use Homemade Remedies:Use homemade remedies like mixing olive oil and sugar and rubbing it on your palms or make a hand scrub using coconut oil and honey which will restrain the natural oils present in the palms.5 WAY TO KEEP YOUR HANDS SOFT

4. Keep Hydrated:Water is the solution to all over problems. Just like other organs, skin also requires water. Drink plenty of water (minimum 8 glass per day) to keep yourself hydrated. This will also keep you healthy overall.
5. Use Good Soap:Look for a hand soap that contains Aloe Vera, vegetable oils, avocado or cocoa butter. Soaps with vitamin E and jojoba oil can help protect against dry skin conditions. You can even use organic or homemade soaps that are chemical-free and will heal your skin naturally.5 WAY TO KEEP YOUR HANDS SOFT
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