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5 Values Your Child Needs to Become Successful

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

November 20, 2017 Leave a Comment

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Watching the news these days can be pretty depressing, to say the least. There’s hardly anything good, and almost nothing worth sharing with our young ones. It makes us wonder what kind of world we’re leaving our children. Well, we can make a start, but it’s going to be up to the next generation to bring greatness into this world. But for that to happen there are some core values your child needs to be able to achieve this important goal.

If we observe the lives of those who’ve been successful at bringing about positive change, we can see that they all possess certain similar qualities. However, these qualities cannot be achieved overnight, and they require a solid foundation right from childhood.

And that job is obviously ours! As parents, it’s our duty to ensure that our kids imbibe the right qualities from a tender age. But you needn’t over think it – we’ve curated a list of 5 basic qualities that can help your child grow into a successful individual.

5 Values your Child needs to become Successful

As a parent, it's up to you to instill the right values your child needs to become successful in the world, making it a better place than it is today.

1. Discipline

Values your Child needs

Being disciplined is essential for any profession and it’s also the basis for a successful life in general. Yet, we often relegate this important quality to school work alone!

The path to success isn’t an easy one. People who are successful overcome every failure that comes their way. Overcoming hurdles and coming out strong, requires a lot of abilities including self-control, being focused, persistence, perseverance, etc. and all these can only be achieved if one has a strong hold over self-discipline. Successful people are disciplined enough to strategize and form plans and then take effective steps to execute those.

Self-discipline is one of the critical keys to success. So, make sure you inculcate the art of discipline into your children. You can start by waking them early in the morning every day and getting them involved in physical activities like running or jogging. Early morning yoga or meditation for mental peace is another great option. Household chores also work to set up a great disciplinary routine for your children.

2. Confidence

Values your Child needs

It isn’t a coincidence that most successful people exude confidence in everything they do. Even though it might seem that success is what gives them the confidence, it truly isn’t the case. Self-confidence along with self-esteem is very important while making decisions. No one is going to believe you or your dreams, if you don’t believe yourself!

Self-confidence even helps overcome the fear of failure and lets people face the unknown. In fact, risk taking is one quality that successful people have excelled at.

Also while you are at it, teach your children to differentiate between being confident and being arrogant too. This is because, while confidence can work wonders for someone, over-confidence can make them lose all success.

If you want your child to be confident, the first thing you need to do is appreciate every little effort they make towards achieving something. You need to ensure that they set realistic goals for themselves from a very young age itself.

You need to let your kids take risks and don’t run to their rescue every time it pays off. Instead, you should encourage them to make decisions by themselves. This will give them a great sense of responsibility as well.

Encourage your children to participate in adventurous sports and games. Let them participate in various extra-curricular activities where they are required to go out of their comfort zone and achieve something. Activities and tasks like these will help children gain confidence and courage that will help them take bold decisions later in their professional as well as personal life.

3. Good Communication Skills

Values your Child needs

We humans are called social animals for a reason. Successful people are generally great communicators. They put forward their points very effectively and get the work done from others. They know what they want and they let people know it!

If you want your child to communicate properly, make sure you give them enough opportunities and provide comfort to express their ideas and views. This also helps in improvement of their Emotional Intelligence.

You need to teach your child to listen to others as well. In fact, non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. So, make sure you work on their body language as well.

Have your child talk to your friends at social events. Reward them if they do it. This is a great start for your kids, especially if they are shy. You can even arrange play dates for your child, if they aren’t very social.

4. Optimism

Values your Child needs

Being optimistic is what gets successful people through failures. Being optimistic isn’t just a mere thought or a positive attitude. In fact, people who are successful demonstrate this quality through their powerful actions.

This quality helps successful people find opportunities that many pessimists might overlook. This quality needs to be inculcated into your child from a very young age itself.

You need to teach your child to be grateful. You can even create a routine where your child writes about the things they are grateful for every day.

Tell your kids to find good in every failure. In fact, you can even make a game where you tell them to recite very positive thing about the failure.. Being supportive to them is the key here.

5. Creativity

Values your Child needs

It’s undeniable that successful people are in a league of their own. They possess qualities that set them apart from others.

Creativity is one such quality. Even though creativity comes from within and cannot be taught to someone. There are things you can do with your child to ensure they aren’t deprived of being creative.

You need to give your child a chance to they imagination fly. If they are inclined towards a certain captivity, provide them all the resources to do it. Encourage your child to participate into some healthy competition as well. Let your child learn from others too.

Be their pillar and try your best to inculcate the right values your child needs to be successful, and you’ll be proud of the lovely individuals they turn out to be!

As a parent, it's up to you to instill the right values your child needs to become successful in the world, making it a better place than it is today.


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