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5 Unique Feature Wall Ideas

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

A feature wall is one which will stand out from the others. It is your opportunity to have one very colorful or strongly patterned wall amongst other more neutral ones. The feature wall will often match other furniture or accessories, such as a sofa or cushions and lampshades.

As we are only talking about one wall, you could use this as an excuse to splash out on something a little more extravagant. The feature wall can be used to really make a room come to life and define its style. It can be the focal point to a room.

For these reasons it is worth investing time and money in getting something with the wow factor. You can of course have feature walls in any room of your house. Be as creative as you like and hopefully we can inspire you to be daring and adventurous with your interior design.

5 Unique Feature Wall Ideas

In this example, we chose a bold color and original design. You can see how it could work in a dining room or even a kitchen, giving a very modern clean feel to the room. This is classed as a wallcovering which is created by thermoforming, where heat will be used to press a design into the fabric, giving it a 3D appearance. The embossing gives it an outstanding look and this combined with the daring color makes it perfect as a feature wall covering.

5 Unique Feature Wall Ideas

Two strong complementing colors are used here, which gives more flexibility to accessorize accordingly. We are again choosing quite a colorful design, but this time using two main colors for the feature wall. There are 3 colors in total which we can use to work with. The first being the brown strips in between the larger blocks of blue and green. We could use this brown color to match furniture to and then accessorize using the blue and green. We are using a good amount of color here and setting the theme for the room. You can see in the example how cushions can be used to match the scheme.

5 Unique Feature Wall Ideas

This example uses something a bit different and that's glitter wallpaper. It would be well-suited to a bedroom and also a small feature wall. You can see from this example that you can use a dark color effectively with brightly colored artwork. You also have the subtle shine from the glitter once the light hits the specks within the wallpaper. The glitter detail adds an avenue of interest and uniqueness. You have a good background on which to display 2 good-sized pictures to break up the black and make the colors contrast effectively. The pink is forced to really stand out and make a statement. You can use a more basic feature wall in this way, keeping an avenue of uniqueness.

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Flowers are a popular choice for a feature wall. Using floral wallpaper around a whole room can be too much for some people. Using flower patterns on your feature wall only is a good interior design technique. This example also uses pale and less contrasting colors which may be better suited to some people's tastes and can be easily incorporated into the room's underlining theme, as it has cool shades that can easily be complemented. This wallpaper uses a more subtle approach to add interest to a room with some textile and jewel features. The beautiful intricacies will draw the eye and create an admirable focal point.

5 Unique Feature Wall Ideas

The example above uses 3D wall panels. Each panel is 62.5cm x 80cm and can be trimmed to fit. This is an excellent idea to add extreme texture to your wall. Even though the example above uses a dark colored 3D panel, it uses the ample lighting from the window and contrasting furniture colors to keep the room well-balanced.

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5 Unique Feature Wall Ideas

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