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5 Types of Wedding RSVP Card Wording

Your R.S.V.P. --> short for "Répondez s'il vous plaît", is a French phrase that means "Please, answer". This card can either be accompanied by an envelope with a postage stamp, be a two-sided postcard, or it can just indicate a website for guests to interact with, or a phone number for guests to call (this is becoming more and more popular as couples are "value engineering" their invitations).
During the invitation design process, you may get to the R.S.V.P. portion of your suite and discover that you haven't given much thought to how this element should be worded.
Remember, this is your opportunity to gather the information that you need to record your guest count and (if applicable) entrée selections.
5 Types of Wedding RSVP Card Wording

The most basic RSVP solution... For the bride that just wants to know who will be there, and who won't. Pretty standard wording and what you will typically see.
5 Types of Wedding RSVP Card Wording
This style is for the client that has a few entrée selections and needs to have a general idea of the number of kinds to report to the reception location.

5 Types of Wedding RSVP Card Wording
This is for the more laid back client. Young, fun, hip... The verbiage offers a more communicative style and reflects the personality of the couple. Other options include: Count us in!/We'll miss you guys! or Mark us down!/We'll be there in spirit! Don't be afraid to break the rules here, it is your wedding..
5 Types of Wedding RSVP Card Wording
This RSVP has to do work. Not only will it capture the entrée selections of guests, it has to capture the names of the guests who will be enjoying them. Great idea if you have a reception location that is strict about the number of entrées available, and it will also discourage those guests who want to change their selection upon arriving to the event.
5 Types of Wedding RSVP Card Wording
This style of RSVP is for the bride who doesn't mind doing a little work before the invitation suite goes into the mail stream. This is an effective way to control your list and discourage guests who may be tempted to reply to your event with multiple guests. You simply write in 1 or 2 in the area indicating the number of seats reserved.
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