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5 Types of Hair Extensions

By Jayshreebhagat
These days there are various types of hair extensions available in the market. This makes one confuse about the choice of hair extensions. Thus, I thought to make this post for sharing some knowledge about 5 types of hair extensions. Wavy 100g 1Pack Human Hair
Micro Bead, Micro Link  Or  Loop Hair Extensions are looped at the extensions through the natural hair & is clamped using pliers. You can move this extensions up or either slip down. Few suffer hair breakage, since heat while applying metal rings can burn and cause break.
Weave Hair Extensions are for those who have super thick hair. In this type of hair extension, you need to braid the natural hair in a corn row and attach the extension with the help of a needle & cotton thread. This is suitable for any hair type, but needs too tight application. This can also strain your scalp & sometimes feel quite heavy.
Flip In Hair Extensions is a revolutionary new method in hair extension. This doesn’t need any clips, Glue or Weaving.  It instantly transforms to a thick and long hair that is also quite simple to apply. You can just do this in a minute by simply placing flip wire on the head and pull your hair over this wire. It rests quite perfectly on the head & blends seamlessly with the hair. Flip-In Hair extension piece which helps you achieve long, thick hair in just a minute. And hey!! No damage to your hair!!!!Looking for the best flip in hair extension to buy from online store? has all types of  cheap hair extensions of high quality
Tape Hair Extension is semi-permanent and are quite easy and quick to fix. These extensions are already taped & can be fixed on any side of your hair. They last for about 6-12 weeks and are very easy to maintain. But, these are of low quality and can bother you if you love tying your hair.
Fusion Or Pre- Bonded Hair Extensions are the most popular ones. They are bonded to your natural hair with the help of adhesives. This needs sitting in salon for more than 4 hours but are permanent and lasts up to 6 months. The process is quite messy as salons use glue adhesives and polymers that can damage your natural hair.
Hope we helped you gain knowledge about the various types of hair extensions available in the market. Now, be rest assured about using any of these hair extensions that suits best for your lifestyle and hair type.

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