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5 Tips to Help Your Blog Stand Out

Posted on the 05 July 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

You could use tips to help your blog stand out. Blogs were uncommon until a few years ago, and the first bloggers didn’t have much of a tough time carving out their own niche on the web. Since the exponential increase of blogs from 30 million in 2005 to almost 200 million in 2012, many things have changed in the world of blogging. The situation is much more complicated today, with the blogging boom making it much more difficult to set up a blogging site and gain the much needed audience from online netizens.

Tips to Help Your Blog Stand Out

A blog’s success relies on a few essential factors, like the type of content and the way it is marketed online. But for a blog to be able to stand out from the rest and make it unique is a job that requires a lot of commitment, dedication and perseverance.
Here are a few essential tips to help your blog stand out from the rest:

Creative web design and development

A creative and original graphical interface can easily stick to the minds of the visitors who check it out on occasion, especially the first timers. Combine a unique theme with a nice heading, because this will be your brand logo, one that will stick and identify your blog. It would be best to skip those free template themes you can download and go for a unique look that will set you apart from others.

Make innovative use of images and other forms of media

Visually imagery such as pictures, videos and other forms of media are very useful tools to attract the much-needed audience to your blogsite, and make sure you use the right size while strategically placing them on each webpage. Keep in mind though, that filling your blogsite with multimedia content will make your page slow to load, which ultimately drives away your potential visitors and end up leaving before your page finishes loading. Make sure your visual presentation will leave a mark.

Be the first to tackle a new topic

Another way to stand out from the rest is to discuss a topic or subject that has the potential to ‘explode’ in catastrophic proportions. If you are quick, your article will be the first indexed by search engines, generate the first social network buzz and inevitably be found by netizens. But remember, content quality makes a huge difference. A very informative piece always beats any poorly written garbage regardless of who made first dibs on the topic.

Never fear to state your opinion

It can’t be denied that articles that go against the tide and stir up debate to make people think are far more interesting than content that always conforms and agrees with everything. However, it is important that you can back up your stand if you have something ‘different’ to say on a particular matter, making sure you have an intelligent case for your audience to consider your opinion.

Be engaging

Finding a way to grab the attention of your readers and turn them into loyal followers is one of the best ways to stand out. Offer something useful, funny or different; it’s all up to you. Interact and engage your audience. This puts your blog out there and makes it more visible. There are many other ways to increase your blog’s traffic. Like offering a contest or having a forum platform install at your blog. You just need to figure out what works with your target audience.

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