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5 Tips To Create Compelling Writing About Addiction

Posted on the 06 October 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

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As a blogger, one of your primary goals should always be to create compelling material for your readers to view. And what subject is much more compelling than addiction? Topics like money, power, drugs, alcohol, and sex are often stitched throughout narration about addiction, and those all make for very powerful stories.

However, within the realm of blogging or writing about addiction, there are also best practices that will ensure your content has the right feel to it, within your own personal writing bounds. To illustrate these techniques, consider the five following tips – always work for a professional tone, read about success and failure in advance of writing, interview sources you know personally, learn to quote doctors and specialists, and pay special attention to headlines and subheading in your posts.

Find a Professional Tone To Imitate

A great place to start searching for the appropriate words choices and tone of your blog posts about addiction include rehab center websites or other online recovery sources. When  you search through information about rehab centers, and then find related sites that talk about marketing to rehab centers and potential clients, for instance, you’ll find a distinct and concrete result will follow from the analysis of structure specifically. This will be the semantic seed of everything that you write on your topic.

Read Material About Rehabilitation Successes and Failures

If you read about rehab successes and failures, you’ll begin to have a baseline of knowledge about what techniques work and which don’t. The last thing that you want to do when providing information about addiction, recovery, and bringing together resources to help people, is to present yourself as an expert without actually knowing any raw data to back up your opinions.

Interview Personalized Resources

Chances are, someone that you know has had a problem with addiction sometime in his or her life. What will make you a better blogger is by personally the stories that you present to your readers. Brush up on some interviewing techniques and you’ll have no problem presenting a great piece.

Find Doctors and Specialists You Can Quote or Reference

To add authority to your writing, find doctors, specialists, or formal magazines or references that you can use in your posts about addiction. Not only will you make sure that your details are accurate, it will also show that you have the desire to back up your accountability.

Learn To Write Headlines and Subheadings

A great blog post or piece of writing can be ruined if it isn’t presented in the right format. Though it might take a bit of extra effort, learn how to write the perfect headlines and subheadings, and it will greatly increase the overall quality of your work.

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