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5 Tips For Your Next Fundraiser

Posted on the 14 June 2012 by Mregina @justfundraising

5 Tips for running your next fundraiser

Simple tips to outline your next successful fundraiser. If you are looking at raising money this year for schools, sports teams, churches or non profits you can use the following tips to help reach your goals.

 Clear Goals – As a fundraising leader you have to know about numbers and ideas. How much do you need and how are you going to raise it?

Before your fundraising begins and your students or volunteers start meeting the public make sure they understand what they’re raising money for and can speak with authority on the topic.

Presentation  – It’s not about a sales pitch for the product but an emotional plea for the cause that’s going to make the difference. Your donors donate for the difference they’re going to make to their community, to help the needy or those in need. Use the product as a thank you for their contribution and spend less time using “sales” to move the product.

Solid Products – Even if you spend all your time in front of a potential talking about what your going to do with the money raised they’re still not going to give you a donation for a poor item. The product has to be a quality item. If you can show an interesting product that saves them money, feeds them or can be used as a gift. Quality products also increase your chances the donor may purchase more from you.

Broaden Your Appeal  - Not every type of product or promotion is going to appeal to everyone. If you are a fundraiser it’s best to run a several major events through the year.  You can hopefully reach more people with multiple campaigns. Consider broadening out with a sales promotion and a fundraising event later in the year. Events held at different times of the year gives your donors time to recoup and allows you time to show how that you have handled their contribution responsibly.

Motivate Your Street Team – In order to keep the people motivated and the work fun create a competition between teams. The street team that can raise the most or hand in their tickets early get rewarded with prizes. Choose a little age appropriate token for the age group to keep things interesting.


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