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5 Tips for How to Make a Beaded Tissue Box

By Toptopgifts

Tissue box cover5 tips for how to make a beaded tissue box is one kind of paper holder, which used in house, office, restaurants, cars…Now days, beaded tissue boxes are becoming very popular because of their beautiful designs and durable
 5 tips for how to make a beaded tissue boxBecause beaded tissue boxes are handmade boxes, so many hand-crafters like to make their own beaded tissue box, further more, some companies will order their special beaded tissue box as their enterprise culture box to market. So how to make a beaded tissue box? Here are 5 tips for you:1.   Decide the shape of the beaded tissue box. Generally specking, the rectangle beaded tissue box is the most popular shape in the tissue box market. However, other shape such as house beaded tissue box, animal beaded tissue box also very charming.2.   The size of the beaded tissue box. The 10 mm, 12mm beads are the sizes usually used.3.   The material of the beads, plastic beads is the most widely use to make beaded tissue boxes.4.   The design of the beaded tissue box. Because of the beaded tissue box are handmade, so though there is one shape, there are many different designs can be made, such as rectangle swan beaded tissue box, cat beaded tissue box, flower beaded tissue box…5.   Then start to make your beaded tissue box from the bottom, 5 tips for how to make a beaded tissue boxone circle by one circle to the top, a beaded tissue box will make out.  

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