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5 Tips For Blogging About Security and Privacy

Posted on the 24 September 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


Almost everyone these days has some type of concern over security and privacy, especially when it comes to matters of their mobile devices and desktop computers. If you’re a blogger and you cover news and information about this topic, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind while doing your writing in order to both spread the correct type of information as well as keeping your readership consistent.

Check Alarmist Behavior For Facts

Lots of news and comments that you hear or read about security and privacy will have that panicked, alarmist tone to it. In most cases, fear is not required, truly. You’ll hear that people are concerned about Facebook Messenger. You’ll hear that people are concerned about pictures of their kids being archived in government digital data vaults. It’s your job as a blogger to check to see how much of these stories turn out to be true or valid. In many cases, there’s simply confusion that people feel about the idea of permission when it comes to digital data. Feel free to write in your blog and clear that up!

Find Authoritative Sources

There are huge numbers of websites out in cyberspace that talk about security and privacy. Most of them contain an enormous amount of bad information. If you parrot the information on their sites, you’re just one more link in a chain of bad data, and your blog, and readership, will eventually suffer. Read about the importance of fact checking before you write and publish anything, and you’ll see how much of a benefit that is to both the accuracy of your blog and the overall experience of your readers.

Always Suggest Good Practices

Within your blog, it’s a good call to action within your writing spectrum to suggest good security and privacy practices among your readers. This means suggesting high-quality password protection programs. This means suggesting they sign up for bank security measures. If it’s a good idea, then suggest it!

Avoid Any Type of Clickbait Titles

If the titles to your articles about security and privacy don’t relate to the actual content of your posts, you’re eventually going to get the natural backlash, and people will simply stop coming back to your blog. Don’t get caught up in the hype machine. Title your posts according to content base.

Test Your Theories On Yourself First

If you have some theories about what security and privacy practices are good ideas, test them out first on your own systems and devices. The last thing you want to do is get caught giving advice about something you haven’t checked out for yourself, thereby losing the trust of your readers.

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