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5 Tips for Adjusting to Life with Celiac Disease

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Think Positively

When you get diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it’s very easy to get depressed about the whole deal. But there are literally millions of people who are living happily and healthily despite Celiac. In some cases, getting diagnosed was actually a good thing because of all the great foods they get to experiment with.

Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked

Before you start the big clean-up process, make sure all of your test results come back with a positive on Celiac Disease. There are other potential issues which could be causing your symptoms, and you need to make sure that your blood work has crossed out all of them first. There’s no sense adjusting to something until you’re sure you have it.

Plan a Little

Planning is great regardless of whether you have Celiac Disease or not. When you do, it comes down to being able to prepare tasty and healthy meals that won’t put gluten into your system. A lot of it comes down to understanding where gluten is and making sure you’re not eating any of it.

Out With the Old

Once you know you have Celiac Disease, you might as well dump all of the old stuff that’s got any gluten. Since a lot of people don’t clean out their pantries too often, this is a great chance to ditch a lot of old junk. There are so many ways you can cook gluten free, you won’t miss a few kinds of grains after awhile because of your numerous remaining options.

Keep the Foggy State in Perspective

The first few weeks of your diagnosis, you’re likely to feel foggy-headed. That’s the gluten beating you down, and it’s completely natural. You might feel drugged or even crazy. Let this feeling pass, as it will with time. Within a month of being without gluten, you’ll feel a lot better — maybe better than ever.

Adapting to the gluten free lifestyle isn’t so hard. All you have to do is plan a little bit, think positively about your ailment and move on with your life. Once you’ve done these things, everything else will pretty much fall into place.

About the Author: Bulah Terhorst is a medical assistant in a nutritionist’s office and enjoys helping those with various diseases adjust their new eating plans. She often recommends sites like for those who are looking to replace high-calorie beverages with quality teas and enjoys her own Oolong tea to keep her going in the afternoon while she works.

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