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5 Things That Will Make You More Productive

By Avantipatil13 @EverytgabtAnytg

1.   Saying “no” to the things you think can waste your timeSometimes we are caught in a dilemma of pleasing others as well as ourselves. We tend to do certain things just because someone expects them from you. Sure, you can go ahead and make them happy but only when you have free time to do so.2.   Make a to-do list and follow it.I am sure many of you already have a to do list but how many of you follow it religiously. Making a to do list isn’t much of a pain than to follow it. if you cannot keep a  track of your to do list then set a reminder for the same or paste it on your mirror or on the car dashboard. This will make it grab your attention and there are fewer chances to forget things.5 things that will make you more productive3.   Setting yourself to a timerThis is a very interesting technique. Once you get used to it, you will start loving it. Keep aside a time of 20 minutes and do only one task in this 20 minutes chunk without any distractions. Mails, calls, pings…everything can wait. After that take a 10 minute break and reply to all the distractions you got. Then get into another 20 minute time frame and so on. It might look 20 minutes of time wastage in an hour if you are a pessimist but believe me you tend to waste way more time than that in a normal life.4.   Keep a track on where you wander off on the internetInternet is vast and very distractive yet useful. So how smart are you to stop the distractions and make use of the only part that matters to you? Well if you need some help there, we have a bunch of soft wares available for free which track the time you spend on internet and sites. The report will help you to focus down and rescue some productive time. 5.   Plan your day the previous nightPlan your day before you go to sleep. This might take hardly 10 minutes of your time but your brain gets programmed and accordingly mind maps the day for you. Make sure you have decided what to wear, how much time to allot to office and how much to personal activities other than that. This will help you feel more organized and focused the next day.

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