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5 Things That Men Claim They Don’t Care About

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

5 things that men claim they don’t care about


Many women worry about what men think about them.I wanted to share five things that men claim they don’t care about.

Women can be their own worst enemy,most of us put ourselves down and have very little confidence.


Here are 5 Things men claim we shouldn’t worry about.


What’s happened with your ex partner

Some of us may feel like we need to explain why you broke up or if your still friends.He doesn’t care. Your past is your past.Many men will not want to talk about their past relationships. To him, your ex is that guy who doesn’t get to sleep with you any more.


You’ve gained weight since you met
In reality men like all sorts of shapes,sizes and different men have different tastes. You don’t have to look far to find boyfriends moaning about how their girlfriends are less sexy when they go on diets.

Men love women’s bodies, and your man loves yours. He also loves seeing it naked, and he’d much rather sleep with a confident girl than with anyone who mithers about her body, whatever shape it’s in.

Stretch marks also don’t bother men.


You’ve got spots

Fresh, clean skin often has a few spots, no matter what age you are. Your man likes your skin naked all of it, including your face because it’s the you!
Some girls have more spots than other girls, and most girls have more spots at certain times of the month, but in truth, men really don’t seem to mind.Many men prefer a fresh face not to wake up with you not their because you need to apply your concelear.


You slept together on your first date

Many women feel they’ll be classed as easy if they have sex on a first date, and that no man ever respects a woman he sleeps with on the first night.Asking most men they said either they will like a girl or they don’t, and having sex on a first date or a fifth date is not necessarily going to change that.

Don’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable and you’re likely to regret it the next day.Make up your own mind about sex on a first date.Sex should be fun and enjoyable.


You talk too much

Some of us hate the way that we turn into chatter boxes when we’re chatting to men we fancy. The more we talk, the more embarrassed we get, and the more we talk to try and compensate. The man may struggle to fit a word in edge ways but they don’t mind really.The truth is that many men hang around because they don’t mind our chit chat. Some even quite like it. They find it interesting or at the very least, they’re grateful for the chance to shut up and drink their beer while we do all the hard work.

So ladies enjoy your relationship.Do not worry as most men have their own insecurites too.


5 things that men claim they don’t care about


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