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5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Hi lovelies!
Oh man, these past few weeks have really been stretching me. Between school & work I barely have time to breathe...but I'm almost done! And you better believe that I will be spending an entire day just staring at the wall, letting my brain decompress. Okay, not brain never shuts off, but I'm stoked to have the time to sit & stare at the wall if I want to ;)
Despite the chaos, I want to share with you my 5 favorite things from this week!
one// One of my good friends moved back to Florida! After being gone for... a month...ha! Why he moved to Iowa is beyond me! Welcome home, Curt :)
5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!
Twinzies in our black skinnies & jean tops...
5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!
two// I'm really lame and I love chick flicks. No needless to say, I cannot wait to drag Adam to see The Lucky One this weekend :)
5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!

three// I got to go fishing with some of my dude friends this week. We go fishing in the lake in Adam's dad's, awesome!
I'm not actually fishing in this picture...but I was driving to meet them so it counts right? ;)
5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!
Adam, Hayden & Jon got the nice motorized boat, while JJ & I got stuck in the little reject boat...because we're not as "serious" about fishing as the other 3. Whatevs.
5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!

four// I haven't stopped listening to this CD since it came out earlier this week. I love these guys & I'm so proud that they hit #2 on the Christian charts on iTunes! That's a big deal, because they give their music away for free. You can download Ascend the Hill's music here :)
My favorite songs on this album are:
#3: Power In The Name of Jesus
#6: Hear The Sound
#8: Even When I'm At My Darkest
#10: You Have My Heart
#11: Song of the Redeemed I'm really bad at narrowing it down!
5 Things I Love & I Need Your Help!

five// I finally know the dates that Adam, Hayden & I are going to North Carolina to visit the Mabrey's...ah :) So excited for May 18!
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And now I need your help!
As most of you know (and if you don' you will) I take ALL of my blog
pictures with my iPhone...yep that's right, I'm a blogger who doesn't own a camera.
It's a shame, I know. I'm kind of considering buying a legit camera.
But I have no idea where to begin.
Keep in mind that I know close to nothing about photography &
don't plan on pursuing it. I just want to be able to
snap some good shots for the blog.
OFFICIALLY HIT SINGLE DIGITS! Yes, that deserved to be in all caps :)
8 days, people...8 dayssss.

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