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5 Strategies to Become a Successful Blogger

Posted on the 18 March 2016 by Mohammed39
5 Strategies to Become a Successful Blogger
Starting a blog is very easy today. You just need general internet, computer and general capability of understanding things because there are many blogging platform available, you can start blog with in few minutes and you have no need to do coding but to become successful blogger is not easy as creating a new blog.May be your friend tells you about blogging or you have read on facebook or anywhere on internet. There are hundreds of new blogs created daily. Most of them are new bloggers and do not know much about blogging and their goal is to make money. They set making money first priority but if you really want get success in making money by blogging just do not focus on money.

Select blog niche

Decide and select your niche. There are many niche like entertainment education health and many more.It is important that you have a idea for blogging because most of the blog traffic consist of the niche you had selected. one of the reason of failure in blogging is selection of wrong blog niche.

Promote blog on Social media

social media plays important role to become successful blogger.create social media page or profiles and build community, share your content.invite your friends to join your blog. increase subscribers followers and likes. if you have a video related to the topic, you can put it on you tube and insert link of topic in the description.This is a good way to get targeted audience.

Search engine optimization

Seo helps to increase your blog traffic. seo is a series of multiple techniques. It is not a one day process you need to become consistent and focus on your goal. Actually newbies do not know about blogger seo. If you do not know about seo try to learn it. you can learn it online. lot of free and paid content about seo is available on internet.

Building content

content is very significant thing for successful blogging. many of blogger are student or working. building content needs time and may be you do not have time to update your blog daily. Try to make schedule to make new posts and keep it up consistent. build quality content do not write for yourself instead write for others that helps others.

Make user friendly blog

Use good navigation so that visitor can easily navigate. Add necessary widget like related post widget that can help to increase page views. Make sure your blog template is responsive and working fine on mobile and other devices.

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