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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from Your Parents

By Shreoshe

Education is a very important to survive in a society. Education is what makes people civilized and superior in the society. The knowledge that we gain from school and colleges helps to shape our future. It is a general concern for every parents to see that their children are getting the best education ever. We all have come across such situations in life where our parents wanted us to study in  a university of their choice,  maybe somewhere where they might have completed their graduation 30 years back and came out successfully. But comparing the education system of their time with today’s education scenario is irrelevant.

Time has changed, so is the education pattern. There are so many new subjects to study that never existed at the time of our parents. Also, education is not just limited to books. Computer aided classes and on-field practical training has made education much more worthy. The demand of corporates is also changing. They do not want a candidate who is just educated but educated with a dynamic knowledge of different aspects in life.

It is time that  when the parents should #thinkBIG and guide their children in  the right path. Grab the best opportunities to build your career  as they come like that provided by universities like LPU which you can see from the video. One very important message that the video offers is that your present decision will affect your future so when it comes to your betterment, why not thinkBIG?!


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