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5 Quick Questions with War On Women: Pouzza Fest 2019 Preview

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
5 Quick Questions with War On Women: Pouzza Fest 2019 Preview

In our fifth entry in the Pouzza Fest 5 Quick Questions series, we give you War on Women.

War On Women is a co-ed, feminist hardcore punk band based out of Baltimore, MD. On Facebook they list their genre as punk, rock, metal, thrash, riot, etc. They sing about topics that might make some people uncomfortable. Subjects like contraceptive rights, surviving rape, abortion, access to contraception, and online misogyny.

The music is loud, frenetic, and hardcore. It's punk rock and we like it that way.

Thanks to Shawna Potter for answering our questions.

And now, the Q&A!

Q1) If you're in the car on a long drive between shows, what is the one album you can listen to on repeat?

Shawna) It's 2019. We've all got headphones, Netflix, and podcasts - in addition to all the great music being released these days. But you know, when I think about a nice drive and the sun shining and everyone being chill in the back, I think of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, or Spoon's Girls Can Tell.

Q2) Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Shawna) I stretch, warm up my voice, and try to use the bathroom one more time.

Q3) What can fans expect from a live performance?

Shawna) Riffs, dance moves, smiles, yelling, and the F word: feminism

Q4) Is there a band or artist you think people should be paying more attention to?

Shawna) Any band with women, POC, or trans and non-binary folks in it.

Q5) What's your favourite thing about Pouzza Fest?

Shawna) The friendly faces, the lovely accents, and the weather! Oh, and seeing a bunch of amazing bands all weekend long.

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