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5 Quick Questions with Shae Dupuy!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
5 Quick Questions with Shae Dupuy!

We caught up with Cambridge, ON's Shae Dupuy during Canadian Country Music Week for a little sit down hang out, and got her to answer 5 quick questions for us about music, hobbies and even the Maple Leafs.

Big thanks to the Good For Me singer for taking the time... we're sure it would have been far more comfortable to be in bed in her Calvins.

And now, 5 quick questions with Shae Dupuy...

Q1: If you were in the car for a long drive, and could only listen to 1 CD on repeat, which album do you choose?

Sheeran's 1st album tops Shae's list. And with songs like Drunk, The A Team, and Small Bump to sing along to, we can't argue.

Q2: What is the first song you remember knowing all the words to?

Shae: Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

She laughed when she told us... and we're okay with that because we know she was going way back for some memories when she did it. Also, it kind of makes us want to karaoke with Shae at Halloween to hear her sing it now.

Q3: When you're not working on music, what is your number 1 hobby?

Shae: Reading

This is a great answer that turned into a discussion about how great paper books are to hold and feel and read.

5 Quick Questions with Shae Dupuy!
Q4: What is the most important thing for you to have when you are heading into a writing session?

Shae: Coffee!

No argument here. #xocoffee

Q5: Is there an artist that you think everyone should be listening to more right now?

Shae: Maren Morris

Shae admits that everyone knows who Maren is at this point, but there are so many good songs on the Hero album that country fans may not have heard yet. Seriously, go listen to that album.

Bonus: Can you give us an NHL prediction for this season?

Shae: The Maple Leafs won't win.

Sorry Leafs fans... the team could be a lot of fun this year, but Shae could be right.

5 Quick Questions with Shae Dupuy!
5 Quick Questions with Shae Dupuy!
5 Quick Questions with Shae Dupuy!

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