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5 Quick Questions with Rosh Grove

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Rosh Grove, previously known as R.T.B.theWriter, is back with a new 3 track EP, Weakdays: Friday Vibes.

Released on June 12th, Friday Vibes is the second installment of his album Weakdays. It's aimed at reflecting the different "vibes" people experience on a Friday. Last week the writer and producer dropped a lyric video for the song Gotta Leh Go.

Grove delivers a great stylistic mix of tracks highlighting the beautiful tone in his voice. Lowkey features Rosh's exquisite flow, Gotta Leh Go feels a little nostalgic, bringing up memories of early 2000's hip hop. Run & Gun is slow and sexy. Combining rhythmic flow with skillful repartee, the singer lets the vocal takes the lead.

Gotta Leh Go (Official Video)

Produced by BEATBUSTA (Toronto-based producer), the opening song "Lowkey" is a catchy rap track that puts listeners in a hype mood, a feeling we all aim for on a Friday. The track "Gotta Leh Go" radiates upbeat energy by combining elements of pop and dance music. Co-written and produced by Bryan "BC" Cockett, Grove tells a relatable story of unrequited love that leads to a difficult decision. It aims for listeners to be inspired while having a fun-filled start to their Friday and weekend ahead. The third single found on Friday Vibes is "Run & Gun," a smooth R&B song that serves as the perfect song to dedicate to that special someone. Whether you're driving down the interstate, kicking it back with your partner or on a first date, the cool and calm sounds within "Run & Gun" creates a sweet, yet meaningful experience for all listeners. - Via Press Release

Thanks to Rosh Grove for taking the time to sit down and record a 5 Quick Questions segment for us.

Watch the video to find out:

  • what album Rosh can listen to on repeat
  • the first album he bought
  • his dream collaboration
  • something you might not know about him (and he says it's exclusive to us)
  • who he thinks you should be paying more attention to
  • his answer to our bonus question.

If you're looking for something new, I can't recommend Weakdays: Friday Vibes or Rosh Grove more highly. It's one of my favourite new listens this week.

"I aim for my listeners to establish an emotional connection to my music. Just a meaningful listening experience overall," says Rosh Grove. "I strive to create music that anyone can relate to, creating different vibes to suit every mood."

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5 Quick Questions with Rosh Grove

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