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5 Quick Questions with Blackie Jackett Jr.

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
5 Quick Questions with Blackie Jackett Jr.

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While we were hanging out in London, ON for Canadian Country Music Week we had a chance to sit down for a few minutes with James, Rick, Jimmy, and Sandra Dee of Blackie Jackett Jr. to pick their brains and even force them to agree on some things.

Keep an eye out for these fine musicians... and if you think you recognize a couple of them, you're probably not wrong. That is James Black and Rick Jackett of Finger Eleven.

And now, 5 quick questions with Blackie Jackett Jr...

Q1: If you're all on the road together and you can only listen to 1 album on repeat, what album are you choosing?

Blackie Jackett Jr: The Eagles Greatest Hits

It's not the only time we heard this answer when we asked these questions, and we agreed with it every time. What a great collection of songs.

Q2: What is the first song you remember knowing all of the words to?

Blackie Jackett Jr: Eye Of The Tiger/ Straight Up/ Mr. Roboto/ Beat It

We love these answers... and we'll let you try to figure out which band member knew which song...

Q3: When you have some downtime, what is your favourite hobby?

Blackie Jackett Jr: Film/ Drink

The 2 answers received split support in the group... and we think it would be pretty great to either be drinking or making/producing/watching film as a hobby.

We also found out that James and Rick love to collect Star Wars toys, the originals... and then we found out that CMT's Paul McGuire is also a collector and he crashed with us for a few minutes to talk about it. #NerdWin

Q4: What is the one thing you need to have in the room when it's time for a writing session?

Blackie Jackett Jr: Two things... Whisky & Weed.

Enough said. Makes sense.

Q5: Is there an artist that you think we should be paying more attention to than we are right now?

Blackie Jackett Jr: Morgan Delt/ Sturgill Simpson

We love finding out about new music, and Morgan is new to us. And we also kinda love that Sturgill is getting some love - because there might not be much of it in Nashville for him right now.

5 Quick Questions with Blackie Jackett Jr.
5 Quick Questions with Blackie Jackett Jr.

Many thanks to James, Rick, Jimmy, and Sandra Dee for hanging out!

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