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5 Quick Questions With...

By Fiafox @SofiaEssen

Up until a few weeks ago, I thought a Ping was half a game of table tennis, a backlink some kind of dance step, and feed something you give cattle to snack on. Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve begun learning an entirely new language.
While I’m on the subject of blogging… I’m going to start posting a series of mini-interviews here at Sofia’s Change of Pace. 5 Quick Questions With “Mr. X”. I’m going to ask my interviewees what they do for a living, who/what inspires them, and what advice they have for people in their line of work. The other two questions will be the interviewees’ choice. If you’d like to be a part of “5 Quick Questions With” you can e-mail me or leave a message for me here on my blog.
Someone once told me, “The only easy day was yesterday.” But I hope you’ll have a great Thursday!

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