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5 Profitable Mobile Marketing Tactics

Posted on the 04 June 2011 by Localdirect @localdirectme

Mobile marketing tactics For this first blog post I wanted to share with you 5 of the most profitable mobile marketing tactics which you can easily implement by signing up to LocalDirect. This is by no means comprehensive but serves as some food for thought.

1. Short Codes and Keywords

Purchase a keyword on a shortcode number. Shortcode numbers allow you to get the best opt-in rates as the number is easy for your customers to remember and easy to integrate with your existing marketing materials – e.g. adding “text Joes to 60777 to receive special offers from Joe’s bar and for 50% off your next cocktail” to posters, flyers and adverts. The keyword can be you business name or something memorable related to your business or the current campaign you are running. By building your opt -in list, you are building a database of your customers which you can communicate with anytime you want to receive up to 30% response rates for your offers or promotions.

2. Appointment Reminders

Use text messaging for appointment reminders and schedule these reminders up to 1 year in advance. This will reduce no-shows by 50% or more, allowing you to increase your business income. Send reminders a day to a couple of hour before the appointment to ensure best results. Just one saved appointment can more than pay for your monthly service with LocalDirect.

3. Mobile Coupons

Use mobile promotion and coupons. Everybody enjoys making a saving so make it worth their while to join your mobile subscriber list to receive money off of special offers on a regular basis. Make your mobile subscribers feel like VIPs.

4. Mobile Flyers

Digitise your existing marketing by linking your text message promotions to a mobile flyer.  This is essentially a single web page where you can publicise your events or promotions in full colour, sending a much more powerful visual message to your customers than that afforded by a simple text message. This is also a really good way of sending a longer or more sophisticated message without having to pay extra for a joined up text message. You can even use these flyers as mobile e-cards for birthdays or special occasions for your patients, clients, or customers. It’s a very thoughtful way to let them know you care and improve customer retention and satisfaction.

5. QR Codes

Integrate your online and your offline marketing with QR codes.  These can be used as a sure fire way to quickly build opt-ins for your mobile subscriber list, as a means of allowing your customers to access special deals or as a great way to link to your mobile website from your business cards.

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