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5 Practical Implementations of Drone Technology to Watch out for

Posted on the 11 February 2016 by Techsemo
Amazon's developments on its drone project 'Octocopter' was perceived as a game changer for logistics industry. Octocopter is an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) developed to facilitate home delivery of goods purchased online within half an hour. The ecommerce industry having already crossed 3 trillion dollar mark globally depends on a powerful supply chain for which drones can prove highly useful. Although still a lot needs to be done before we start receiving deliveries through drone but there are many practical uses of drones which will change the world for better.
Following is a list of practical implementation of drones shaping the future.
1. Disaster Management
NASA has already started testing its drone fitted with infrared cameras which can detect wildfire before it gets out of control. The rescue and search operations can be very well facilitated with the help of drones. The new age drones are fitted with high resolution cameras with powerful optical zoom that can provide clear images which will help in locating people who need to be rescued.
2. 3D Mapping
The light weight drones can survey landscapes and take digital pictures which will be very helpful in creating 3 d maps of the place. This will be a much cheaper alternative than satellite imaging which will not only help military operations but also prove useful for agricultural purposes. PIX4D, a software company based out in Switzerland creates 3D-maps from drone images. It uses powerful software that helps in converting images into 3D maps.
3. Advertisements & Movies
The ad makers have already started exploiting limits of drones by capturing unprecedented shots. The light weight drones are ideal for shooting wildlife videos. US Geological survey uses a thermal imaging camera mounted on a drone to count Sandhill cranes at night. They use a 4.5 pound AeroVironment Raven which was developed for military purpose. Drones are being used to shoot political ad campaigns. Drones are also being used in shooting action scenes in big budget Hollywood flicks.
4. Sports photography
Whether capturing live matches by hovering over the field or shoot unique angle while performing extreme sports, drone have found high utility in the sports. The best part of these UAV's is that you can carry them in your bag pack and assemble them in minutes. The drones are all set to become a part of extreme sports gear.
5. Atmospheric Research
NASA is using UAV's to monitor the depletion of ozone layer and the harmful effects of UV rays. To better understand water vapour and ozone interaction, NASA is sending UAV's in Stratosphere. Stratosphere is the layer in which ozone resides. This will help in studying the effect of climate change which has become a major global concern.
Drones have a wide range of application for both domestic and commercial usage. The UAV technology is getting evolved to make lighter, faster and cheaper drones. In near future we can expect to see advanced drones hovering in the skies.
About the Author: Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for Intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Big Data Hadoop Training, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.

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