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5 Must-Have Hair Gems (All Under $10)

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

5 Must-Have Hair Gems (All Under $10) photo source: pinterest

Just about every gal I know spends as much money on her hair products as she does on her makeup and skincare goods. They say our eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is true, then our hair is most definitely the landscaping. (I’m a firm believer that our locks are like business cards: you can gather everything you need to know about someone via their tresses.) Hair is important business and picking out worthy products can be tough. You know the drill, ladies: we see an ad or hear about a new hair product, get sucked in, and after trying it once, move this mediocre product to the back of the hair cabinet (because we can’t bring ourselves to toss it since we paid good money for it). Yep, buying unworthy hair products ranks up there with dentist appointments and getting the flu. Well, here are 5 hair gems that will remain at the front of your hair cabinet (and possibly inspire you to finally toss out those “back of cabinet” duds):   Read on…

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5 Must-Have Hair Gems (All Under $10)

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