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5 Minute Makeup Routine

By Alexa Alfonso @lexlovescouture
5 Minute Makeup Routine

We've all been there, we are running late for whatever reason and still need to do our makeup before we head out the door. While contour and winged eyeliner may be out of the question, there is a way to look pulled together without spending a ton of time on your makeup! On days like these I use a simplified makeup regimen that just hits on the essentials.


Every girl is entitled to her own opinion, but to me foundation is a daily must. It does not matter how flawless your skin is, foundation always takes it to the next level. Again, to each their own though!


Concealer is another thing many people are on the fence about, but I cannot live without it. In college I never used concealer and looking back on pictures I cringe. A sorority girl who went out more than she stayed in should not have been skipped the cover up. Besides covering up dark circles and puffy eyes, concealer brightens up your face. It wakes up your eyes giving them a refreshed and rested look. I glide it on with the stick then blend it out with a beauty blender.

PS-A beauty blender is the best thing you will every purchase. Trust me on this. If you don't have one, buy one. Buy more then one.


I used to be an over-plucker when it came to my eyebrows. If the flash was too bright it looked like I shaved them off. Thankfully prominent beauty gurus set me straight and I have realized the importance of eyebrows. They completely frame your face. If you have to pick just one thing to do makeup wise it should always be brows. Always. It's that important.


I am a huge fan of eyeliner and I am not one to just do a quick swipe and call it a day. My eyeliner regimen includes liquid and gel, so when I am in a rush it just has to be skipped. Eyes are very important though, so I throw on a bit of mascara on both my top and bottom lashes to outline the shape of my eyes. Any sort of eye make up perks you up and mascara is no exception


I am all about glow and on speedy makeup days it is especially essential. I apply a generous amount (very generous) to my cheekbones, a small amount to my nose, and sometimes a little bit to the inner corner of my eyes. I use a fan brush for my cheeks and nose and my finger for my eyes. The highlighter above is my go-to right now. The glow effect is ridiculous!

Bold Lip

When I want to add a bit of pop to an otherwise minimalist look I will do a bold lip. This season I have bounced around between dark purples, deep reds, and browns. The lip is what pulls the look together. It makes it look like you skipping other steps was intentional and not because you hit snooze ten times and were running 30 minutes late!

Note: I timed this and this can all really be done in under five minutes! If you are in a major rush, leave the lip color for when you get to your destination.

Do YOU have a condensed makeup routine?

5 Minute Makeup Routine

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