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5 Hassle-Free Travel Tips For Healthy Aussies

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Australia is a land of extremes - covering everything from arid deserts to tropical rainforests and snowbound peaks.

It also boasts a kaleidoscopic culture, which spans the chic café culture of Sydney and the indigenous inspiration of Uluru in one breathtaking sweep.

And many Australians like to get around because an innate thirst for adventure means they enjoy exploring their own backyard and exotic locations further afield.

But if you're a health-conscious Antipodean traveler who wants to take care of your physical and psychological health as well as your appearance, you'll know that a jet-set lifestyle can sometimes take its toll on your chakras and composure.

This is exactly why you'll love these five hassle-free travel tips for healthy Aussies - give them a read before you take off on your next trip.

Staying hydrated is a top priority while you travel and once you arrive at your destination - plus, the tap water in certain countries isn't safe to drink. So buying a filtration bottle is a double whammy because you can top up your water intake while keeping yourself safe - if you can't find any at your local shops, check out the Wild Earth website.

The carry-on liquid limits mean that it's no longer possible to take a full makeup artist-style beauty kit on board your flight. However, there are plenty of compact, bijou and brilliant travel packs to choose from that ensure you look fresh and beautiful while obeying the rules. Take a look online for the REN Clean Getaway kit - it includes cleansing gel, recuse mask, protection day cream and more.

If you're dedicated to yoga, you'll already know the mind and body benefits of mudras, mantras and positions like the downward dog and sun salute. And the good news is that,with a few minor adaptations to suit the cabin environment, you can get your yoga fix inflight. To find out more, watch this plane yoga video from The Advertiser.

Although veganism and vegetarianism are international, cuisines in some places you visit are still very much meat-based, which sometimes means you're reduced to chomping basic salads when you're eating out. However, the HappyCow app finds the best veggie and vegan options anywhere in the world for you - find out more at

Arriving at your departure airport via public transport might be feasible, but it's often so packed and sweaty that by the time you get there, you're feeling uptight, antsy and altogether fed up. Travelling in your own ride can be much more chilled out - find airport parking at for Mackay, Melbourne and a whole heap of other Aussie locations and park your car with complete peace of mind. That's the end of our list, but please share your own Aussie traveler health and beauty tips in the comments section!

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