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5 Guilty Pleasures #2

By Newguy

Guilty Pleasure is a term all films fans will understand and when we watch as many films as we do, we are bound to like some more than others but then there is a category of films others hated that we loved for all the wrong reasons. This leads to the term Guilty Pleasure, so today I am name five films I consider my guilty pleasures, these are just five of many and my rule for this is that I have to have seen these movies at least 3 times and they have to either be films people disliked or most likely never saw.

5. Speed Racer (2008)


Speed Racer is formerly an anime television show and is directed by the siblings that bought us The Matrix. This film got panned for being over the top flashy mess but when you have a love for racing and not too serious racing this film fits in perfectly for you to enjoy.

4. Deep Rising (1998)

deep rising

Deep Rising is directed by Stephen Sommers who would go onto bring us the first two Mummy movies that are hugely fun. In this film we get to see the early stages of the CGI he had worked on as well as the comic side to an action horror style film. The all now star cast work well to and the film comes off fun and enjoyable.

3. City of Ember (2008)


City of Ember is once again a young adult adaptation but one that flew completely under the radar, it follows a society of people who live underground waiting for the time to return to the surface after a disaster. This again all-star cast get to play their quirky roles well and most importantly don’t take the situation completely serious.

2. Kill Zombie! (2012)


 Kill Zombie! Is a Dutch zombie horror comedy that follows the survivors trying to escape the city and this works because it is all fun hitting all the comedy marks and is one I just wish more people would see.

1.   No One Lives (2012)

no one

No One Lives follows a gang that pick on the wrong guy, a guy who just happens to be a ruthless serial kidnapper and serial killer as he tries to turn his captives into his allies on his killing sprees. This film manages to make us be on the serial killers side and is filled with plenty of good kills and is a must for all horror fans.

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