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5 Good Things For Season 5

Posted on the 27 May 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

5 Good Things For Season 5

Last week we looked at the 5 bad things that we could most probably do without in True Blood Season 5, and now with just 2 weeks to go until the show returns, it’s time to look at the things we are looking forward to watching the most. Included here are the characters and story-lines that will make or break this season, and hopefully will make it, unlike last year, one to remember for all the right reasons. There is no “Sookie and Eric” in my list simply as I don’t expect there is going to be any. So in order to enjoy the upcoming antics in Bon Temps, we will need to take off our Sookie and Eric tinted glasses, get in a good bottle of wine, take a deep breath  and go with the flow:

5. The Odd Couple

5 Good Things For Season 5

 My favorite ever Jason Stackhouse moments all came in Season 2 when the hapless hero joined The Church of the Sun, and he sparred with the Reverend Steve Newlin. When he shot him in the forehead with a paint gun.  When he went to heaven inside his wife. And now the Right Reverend is back, on Jason’s doorstep, or should I say the Right Reverend Vampire Steve. I love Steve Newlin with his horrible attitude and his horrible hair, and I can’t wait to find out why he’s back to torment Jason and who his un-dead daddy (or mommy) is. Also it’s good to see that Vampire Steve’s journey to the dark side is not short lived, as he has been spotted during the filming of episode 11 in New Orleans. Because Steve Newlin’s right, they’re devils of the night!

4. When Eric met Pam

5 Good Things For Season 5

Firstly I need to confess that I am not at all outraged about Pam being a brothel madam, in fact I think this back-story completely compliments the Pam that KBVS plays so fantastically well, and I just can’t wait to experience her introduction into the un-dead delights of the nights. Let’s face it, however it happens Eric Northman is her maker, so in vampire terms it doesn’t get any better than that. True Blood always does extremely well with art direction, sets and costumes, and hopefully the 1905 brothel will be no exception. It even looks like there is going to be a little mini-mystery involved as according to the episode synopsis there will be “strange murders at the Comstock Brothel”. Will Eric be the hero or the bad guy? Will he save his Pam from death? Will he kick somebodies ass? (Please let him kick somebodies ass). Will Pam turn willingly or through necessity? How will we all feel seeing Eric and Pam in the boudoir together? Will Granddaddy Godric make an appearance? I really, really can’t wait to see this!

3. Respect My Authority

5 Good Things For Season 5

Being a complete out and out fang-banger (ever since Spike strode majestically into Sunnydale far too many years ago) I always say the more vamps the better. And this season we are getting a whole organisation full of them. In every vampire story I’ve ever read I have been intrigued by their politics and history, and I’m very much looking forward to what True Blood is going to give us with this. There looks like a good mix of vamps too, from the now obligatory child vamp to a biblical seductress, with Eric’s long-lost sister thrown in for good measure. Being from the UK, I had never heard of Chris Meloni until he was cast as Roman here, but I’m already mega-impressed with what I’ve seen of the Head of the Authority so far. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this new bunch of fangers get the decent amount of screen time they deserve. And just remember every minute they are on screen is a minute the weary weres and shifty shifters are not. All hail the Authority! (Hopefully).

2. The Return of the King

5 Good Things For Season 5

If having Steve Newlin back doesn’t make me smile enough, the impending return of the King of Mississippi breaks out a Joker sized smirk on my face. Okay so he probably won’t be king anymore, what with  beheading the magistrate, murdering a newsreader on live television and declaring he is going to “Fu*k the Authority”. But these are minor details. Whilst Sookie was running around screaming in Season 3 and being brutally fang-raped in the back of a truck, Eric  Northman and Russell Edgington were doing Vampire Shakespeare and mesmerizing un-dead loving audiences everywhere. Welcome back Russell, let’s hope for some more stellar scenes between the viking and the ancient, and quite frankly unhinged, vampire king.

1. You are a viking vampire god and you bow to no one

5 Good Things For Season 5

If anyone disagrees with my number one choice, firstly you are on the wrong blog, and secondly I’ll probably delete your comment because I’m pissy like that where Eric is concerned. I’m not here to give all the seemingly cast of 100s their due respect I’m here for rampant viking worship. He’s back – in 2 weeks – the reason I’ll never stop watching this damned show. When last seen he had given his devoted progeny her marching orders, was still suffering from the aftereffects of a witch’s spell, had his heart broken by a waitress, and was left to team up with an irritating, infant vampire. It matters not, as Alexander Skarsgard will light up the screen with his completely awesome and now iconic performance as the viking vampire god. He will own every scene he is in. I’m starting to get that funny feeling in my lady parts just thinking about it. Worship him people, for 12 Sunday nights in a row from June 10th. Eric is back!


So what do you think of my choices? I just realized every single one of them has a pair of rather large fangs! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Let us know if there is anything you think I missed that you looking forward to witnessing this coming season.

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