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5 Food Idioms You Must Know!

Posted on the 19 December 2015 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312

Idioms are phrases whose figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning. Recently, I read about a many idioms related to Food/Cooking, which we have been using without thinking, since long. So, I thought of sharing it with my readers and friends, hope you enjoy them, comment your views, share them on your social channels ! :)

5 food idioms you must know!

A piece of cake! : Well, we usually say this when we boast of how easily did a task or how we are a pro at something. Yes, 'A piece of cake' means ' something easy peasy '.

Want an example? Here you go: Writing is a piece of cake for me.

5 food idioms you must know!

To go bananas : Crazy, isn't it? Well, that's what the meaning of this phrase is; to become crazy!

Here's an example: Aunt Eve went bananas :D

5 food idioms you must know!

Have bigger fish to fry : Well, even veggies can say that! No they aren't frying a fish, they have work to do, I mean 'important'! Indeed, it means, ' have more important task or work to do '.

Gifting you an example: Couldn't come to the party tonight, have a bigger fish to fry! ;P

Food Idioms Must Know!

Eat like a horse : No, you aren't talking about eating fodder, but a deeper meaning it conveys. It says, ' to eat a lot, in large quantities '.

Example? : My friend eats like a horse!

5 food idioms you must know!

Hard nut to crack : Don't worry, we aren't talking about tooth problems, but yes, we are close! This idiom means, ' A difficult problem or difficult person '.

Take an example: He's a hard nut to crack :)

Aren't these lovely? Enjoyed? You can even use it in your sentence. Add them NOW to your vocabulary! :)

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