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5 Fall Makeover Tips

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Fall 2019 is finally here, reminding us that it's already time to take precautions and start protecting our skin before it gets too cold for comfort. However, as every woman already knows, fall is also the perfect time for experiments in fashion.

Bright Red Lips are Back in Fall 2019

Did classic, bright red lips ever really go out of vogue? Most likely not. The sensual sophistication of the various shades of red is going to be a hit trend in fall 2019, with luscious carmine red and deep tones of burgundy leading the red-hot lip brigade. If you have not used your vibrant red shades for a while now, this single move alone can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Lady Punk is In This Year

Punk rock may not be everybody's favorite genre, but for women who have a soft spot for it, this is the season to embrace it. Most of the latest fashion fairs showcased a range of their own in punk rock theme, with the bold cat eyes deserving special attention. If you love your eyeliner, it's time to get creative with it.

Smoky Eyes are Sexy Again This Fall

Dark, bold cat eyes are not the only way to use your black eyeliner this year because gothic, smoky eyes are back, with an inclination for being sensual this fall rather than macabre.

If you are not confident in pulling off a full-on gothic makeover, just stick with the smoky eyes and complement it with darker shades of red, navy or brown on your attire.

Is Coloring Your Eyebrow a Good Idea?

Coloring your eyebrows can make a huge impact and as long as that move is complemented by your hair's present shade, this trend for fall 2019 is actually an excellent way to make an impact.

If coloring your hair seems like an added cost, then that's because it most certainly is! However, your fall makeover doesn't have to be super expensive since you can easily get discount codes for beauty products from a whole list of manufacturers on Upgraded Reviews. They likely have a discount code for everything you will need to perfect your makeover.

Even the discount codes won't be enough to help you avert fashion disasters if you don't get the shades right! Keep the following points in mind, just to be safe.

  • Make sure that the color of your hair and that of your eyebrows are similar in color, but not exactly the same shade
  • If you want to try a bold color on your eyebrows, remember that you may need a similar color on your hair too
  • Raven hair and deep brown eyebrows are a winning combo

Changing Your Hairstyle: It Never Fails

This is not as much of a fall makeover tip as it is a universal one because a good haircut or simply a change in hairstyle is unbeatable in terms of making an impact.

For those that have short hair, fall is the perfect season to start growing it longer and flaunt your locks without sweating around the collar so much! Other than that, streaks, highlights, curls at the bottom or a different haircut than the usual are also excellent ideas, but you will have to be the one to make the choice, depending on your own preferences, face shape, and the condition of your hair. Before you start with a makeover, it's always a good idea to go for a full facial cleanse first. You can do it at home too, thanks to the availability of facial home cleansing kits and the tutorials on YouTube.

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