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5 Facebook Page Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Posted on the 01 August 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

Handling a Facebook page for ecommerce sites is a slightly different strategy than your regular community building. We offer some important tips to handle Facebook page when it is for an ecommerce business.

To begin with, let us understand the objectives of maintaining a Facebook page for ecommerce businesses. For most ecommerce companies, conversions and new customer acquisitions is the bottom line of a good business. Recently, Facebook has started allowing businesses to promote their products and services using Facebook ads. Businesses also have an option promote their Facebook page via ads or grow it organically.

Objectives of a Facebook page

The objectives of Facebook page is that it allows ecommerce companies to spread the word about themselves. New people can discover your online store and then their friends are partly notified of the existence of your business as well. It is extremely good to ensure that new people learn about your business.

Inform people about your latest offers, product launches and basically anything that you would want to communicate to an audience who are interested in your site. This is where Facebook page can allow ecommerce companies to drive conversions.

Engage users of a Facebook page by providing them entertaining and fairly useful information. By engaging, ecommerce companies ensure a better pattern of repeat purchases and help grow their brand affinity. It could end up being an effective way to grow word-of-mouth for your business.

Facebook Page Tips

Once we understand the objectives, we discuss various tips for Facebook pages that an ecommerce site can employ.

Age & Gender of your fans

Carefully consider the age and demography of the fans that you want to acquire. If you are an ecommerce company that sells females accessories, it would not make a whole lot of business sense to acquire fans who are males. Also, the age group is very important depending on the products that your site sells. If you have a tailored age and gender audience in your like base then in that case when you post about your latest offers and products, you are bound to get excellent engagement from your followers without having to really spend a lot of money on Newsfeed ads and such.

Post niche related updates

Whenever you make an update on your Facebook page make sure that the posts are relevant to your ecommerce business. If your site sells trekking supplies, your posts could be around adventurism and travel, because these topics would typically interest trekkers. Also, humor goes a long way – it is something that audience of all classes and age would usually enjoy. Niche related updates ensure that your Facebook page does not put off users by constantly selling and instead interests them with new facts and stories.

Optimize dark posts

Dark posts or unpublished posts are an excellent way to ensure that you do not end up putting off your users with your promotional posts. They are especially useful if you are running a Newsfeed ad that is targeted to an audience that is still not in contact with your page (which is how usually it is run, unless it is sponsored to friends of users). Dark posts can be excellent way to not seem spammy and yet be aggressively promotional on Facebook.

Use the recommended photo size

With the increasing usage of smartphones for browsing Facebook, it is recommended that your use photo updates with a size of 430×430 pixels, since this size helps to render images clearly on the phone. Other photo sizes appear cut off and do not render well on the phones. Also, the cover page photo size for a Facebook page is  851×315 pixels.

Keep a close eye on Facebook Page insights

As a Facebook page admin of an ecommerce site, you need to keep a close eye on the Page insights almost as closely as you would follow Google Analytics data. The new and improved page insights offered by Facebook give you a great representation and insight as to when you engage the most with your audience in a 24-hour window – this can help you decide when is the best time for you to make page updates. Similarly, you can keep a tab on the gender and age distribution. Also, page insights allow you to keep a close check on how different posts are being engaged to by the audience. This intelligence data can help you create a robust data to drive more sales on your ecommerce site from Facebook pages.

Hope this was helpful. Would love to hear your comments on this.

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