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5 Fabulous Wedding Favor Tips

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Nothing says “Thank you” better than a great wedding favor, and here are a few tips to help you decide which kind of wedding favor you should choose for your wedding to thank your guests for taking part in your very special day.

Over 160 party favors were handed out at Mike ...

Over 160 party favors were handed out at Mike and Ashley Kram's wedding ceremony on Friday. Guests were invited to "Ring The Bell" for the union of Mike Kram and Ashley Bell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trends come and go, but 2012’s wedding favor trend seems to be leaning towards that of a more practical, and of a more socially responsible and environment-friendly nature.


●   DIY gifts – Being on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have lovely wedding favors! If anything, making the party favors yourself makes the gifts even more meaningful, and puts your personal touch on each. Making your own wedding favors can also be a great chance to spend time with family and friends who could help you with this task. Be crafty and imaginative! From homemade treats to pretty little trinkets, you can create that perfect wedding favor for your special day. 


●   CD mixtapes – Compile songs that have made an impact on your relationship, or those that evoke a lot of wonderful memories, and share them with your wedding guests. Personal mixtapes have always carried a special meaning, with the giver usually having spent time to collect a certain set of songs to go with a theme, usually to express a personal statement. Let your wedding mixtape tell a story of who you are together, and as individuals, and let the compilation celebrate your love and happiness.


●   Practical items – Items for the home usually make great wedding favors, and while trinkets are always lovely, sometimes practical, useful items are even more memorable. Remember that practical doesn’t have to mean boring, not at all. It’s up to you to get the best type of item for your guests to enjoy.


●   Sweet treats – Indulge your guests and satisfy their sweet tooth with special edible wedding favors. Though mints and candies are traditional giveaways, wedding favors nowadays vary from special homemade jams in vintage glass jars to artistic baked treats.


●   Personalize it! – This might be a little expensive than most ideas, but it’s rather worth it. You can personalize wedding favors for your bridal entourage. It could be a small token with each bridesmaid’s name on it, or a piece that could hold a lot of meaning for the receiver and the bride or groom. Give small “treasure bags” for each special guest.


There are several things to consider when deciding on just what your wedding favors should be, but it should always be something that represents you and your husband well, and would give your wedding guests fond memories to last them through the years.

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