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5 Excellent Email Marketing Tips For Ecommerce Sites

Posted on the 03 May 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

Time has proved that the existing customer base of an ecommerce site can be an awesome way to drive more purchases on your site. This post is about email marketing tips. Ecommerce sites should take email marketing very seriously. However, the industry conversion rate from email marketing campaigns stand at slightly over 1.5% – which is not accomplished by most ecommerce sites due to small mistakes that they make while shooting their emails. Remember, your email marketing campaigns are one of the best sources to drive repeat purchases for free without spending on advertising or such.

Email Marketing TipsEmail Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Clear & Concise Subject Lines

Do not go overboard thinking of subject lines that can go along with your email. When it comes to subject lines for your email – less is more. Initially, spend some time on A/B testing subject lines that push open rates. Avoid using vague words or subject lines that trick your recipient. It might only lead to higher unsubscribe rate. It is highly recommended that you read Copyblogger on how to write some magnetic headlines & subject lines that your readers cannot resist opening.

Do not make your email an images overlay

Most email marketing campaigns go wrong when they spend a great deal of time on images for their emails. It is important to note this right now that most email clients disable images by default – such as Gmail (one of the most popular email clients, most of your users will be having this).

So it is important that your users can get to the point of your email without the images having to load. Most users do not even know that they can view images on the email and you have quickly lost a potential sale. Images can enhance the appeal of your email but they should not be the mainstay of your email.

Mix Up Your Content

Make sure that you don’t convert your emails into essays. A lot of text will seriously never be read. White space is important and make sure you consider the attention span of your readers. It is hardly anything. Give them a break by adding call-to-action blocks, videos, links or pictures. Buttons, Quotes & call-to-actions are great additions to any email content.

Design with Mobile in Mind

Worldwide, in May 2012, mobile traffic crossed desktop traffic and has been growing even faster since then. As of October 2012, mobile traffic accounted for more than 60% overall traffic. The smartphone penetration is clearly visible and ecommerce companies need to smarten up and start designing their email campaigns with mobile in mind. In a recent survey, it was found that 70% of the users delete a mobile email that does not look good and a whopping 18% will unsubscribe. Well, it is clear – nobody likes a cluttered inbox. So keep mobile in mind for all your email designs.

Study the audience data

You need to know these facts – who are you sending the emails to? The age group, gender, the types of offer they prefer etc. This is all extremely important intelligence which can help you bolster your conversions from email marketing. Did you know that 48% of people name special promotions as their favorite type of email to read? If you did not, well then it is time to come up with some special promotions that you can run on your store and shoot to your email user base.

Hope this was a useful article for anyone who wants improve their email marketing conversion rates. Best of luck!

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