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5 Essential Online Dating Tips YOU Need To Follow!

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
5 Essential Online Dating Tips YOU Need To Follow!



5 Essential Online Dating Tips

 Online dating is a lot like trying to cook a new soup without a recipe. You may have a general idea of how it should taste and what the basis components of the dish are, you may even remember that the secret ingredient that your grandmother used was coconut essence, but if you do not know how the process works, then you are in for trouble.

Let’s imagine that you have decided to try out online dating (assuming you are interested since you are reading this), and have even signed up at one of the popular online dating sites that you have heard about. You have even gone to market and bought yourself the ingredients, by furnishing your profile with all the necessary details. You have also made your profile unique with a bit of humor and personality – your secret ingredient.

You have sliced and diced through all the online profiles that have expressed interest in you and shortlisted one woman or man whom you think has the potential to be a suitable partner for you. Now, all you have to do is put it all together into an online dating relationship – which unfortunately is where the real difficulty begins if you do not know what you are doing  – which let’s face it most online daters don’t.

Here are 5 essential online dating tips sure to help you avoid making dangerous mistakes in an online dating relationship while also helping you find love in online dating.


Tip 1 – Do Not Give Curious George Your Personal Details Lest He Turn Out to Be Johnny Stalker


Keep in mind that while most people on an online dating site are there for the purpose of dating, there are others who just want to get into your house and bank account. Such people will pressure you for personal details and if you find that your partner is a little too curious about your personal details – do not give out your information and try to keep some gaps between your chats.


Tip 2 – You Have To Know How To Be Fun Online


Dating online can be fun – maybe not as much fun as the real thing, but fun nevertheless and it will be a responsibility of yours to keep it interesting. If you are new to online chat, learn a bit more about it, use fun smileys and exchange pictures. You can also opt to use Skype and exchange phone numbers if you are more comfortable talking over the phone. It is vital to communicate effectively; flirt, be naughty, compliment each other a lot and crack jokes online, you can even chare amusing anecdotes, but do not forget to make sure your partner is on the same page as you or you may end up jumping the gun and getting shot down.

Tip 3 – You don’t Have to be Science Nerd To Understand Space and Time


Updating your Facebook status to “In a relationship,” and sending out twenty text messages a day, alongside updating your IM statuses with mushiness like “I’m Missing You Already” every 10 minutes is too much. You need to back off and give a man/ woman space and time to live, go to work and develop feelings for you. Coming on too strong in the beginning sends out an invisible status alert of how desperate and lonely you are, and may destroy your relationship before it even begins. Don’t come on too strong and do not call very day, or else she will perceive that you have too much free time and think you do not have a decent job.


Tip 4 – Exchange a Lot of Pics, Let Your Mug Speak For You


If you are a decent looking person and find that your face has not destroyed any mirrors by gazing into it, then take some current pictures of yourself and keep them ready. Make sure that these pics show you naturally and not in too many poses. You can exchange photos when asked and keep sending him one, once in three days or so to keep him interested.


Tip 5 – Make Sure that Your Mr. Right Does Not Have A Hidden Mrs.


Many daters get onto online sites, just to have an affair. These men and women are not looking for a serious relationship and just want a fling. You will need to watch out for these characters and check their profiles when you befriend them on Facebook to see if they really are single.

This article was carefully shaped and crafted from the people over at Parship UK who specalize in online dating relationship advice and match making!

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