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5 DIY Costume Ideas

Posted on the 17 October 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

I know, the store-bought Halloween costumes are itchy and it’s more fun to make your own! Here are 5 DIY costume ideas for your upcoming halloween bash!


1. Yoga Instructor

You need: Comfy clothes, fake tattoos and beaded bracelets.

Pros: Comfortable and approachable.

Cons: Makeup lovers this one may not be for you as I have yet to take a yoga class from an instructor wearing smoky eyeliner and tons of mascara.

How to act: Kind, encouraging, and totally zen-ed out.


2. Tris from Divergent

You need: Black tank, leather jacket, black pants, boots, and to draw a bird tattoo on your neck.

Pros: Cool and trendy.

Cons: People may mistake you for other similar characters like Katniss or Laura Croft

How to act: 40% scared and 60% brave.


3. Cheryl Strayed from WILD

You need: Hiking boots, a backpack, and grit.

Pros: Bold and different.

Cons: The backpack is bulkier than the purse you would bring (but now you can tote more stuff!)

How to act: Tough and with a sense of purpose.


4. Jane Goodall

You need: Khaki everything and a chimpanzee stuffed animal.

Pros: Smart and respected.

Cons: You have to carry a stuffed chimp all night.

How to act: Calm and intuitive.


5. Alex from Flashdance

You need: A grey sweatshirt, red pumps, and big hair.

Pros: The dance floor will surely be yours.

Cons: Given the opportunity, you will have to pour water over yourself.

How to act: Like a welder in a steel mill turned maniac on the floor.

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