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5 Different Sides of Sydney

By Demi Mist @Beautyandmist

Sydney, the gem of Australia. One of the most liveable cities in the world and a true masterpiece of urban design mixed up in breathtaking natural sceneries. Home to a thriving community of people, from families to aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen, from artists to travellers and tourists, Sydney is a thriving city full of excitement and adventure.

A romantic getaway, a foodie holiday, an adventure hotspot and a place to revel in the beauty of its architectural wonders, if one of your Australian destinations is Sydney, then you'll love your trip to the Land Down Under. Here are the five different sides of Sydney you have to experience on your next trip.

The laid-back Aussie lifestyle

5 Different Sides of Sydney

If you want to experience Sydney in all its glory, just follow the foodie trail around town. Sydneysiders love their brunch , and you are going to fall in love with it too after you've tasted the wonderful signature dishes restaurants have to offer.

Visit Bondi Beach for a brunch of a lifetime, and a breakfast you'll remember. The city radiates health and positivity, a feeling that permeates the local restaurants and artisan cafés occupied by curious tourists and locals getting ready for their morning Yoga session over a rejuvenating cup of java.

The breathtaking landmarks

5 Different Sides of Sydney

Sydney is a city of architectural wonders, ranging from the Victorian era of the 19 th century all the way to modern skyscrapers decorating the vivid Sydney skyline. Be sure to visit the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, and the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge . Hop over to the vibrant Darling Harbour where grand shopping centres and entertainment opportunities await.

Moreover, this is a place where you want to enjoy the wonderful natural sceneries, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens. When you're done, be sure to climb to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye for a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

Wedding heaven

5 Different Sides of Sydney

You might not have thought of Sydney as your first wedding option, but if you're looking for a perfect place to get hitched, then look no further. Sydney is home to some of the most romantic wedding venues in the country.

Every location portrays a unique setting. One of the most prominent venues is Le Montage, a luxury waterfront oasis located on the shores of Iron Cove Bay, overlooking the great Parramatta River. Here, you'll find everything you might want for your dream wedding - the views, the food, the service, the luxurious interior - Sydney truly is a wedding heaven.

A coffee nation

5 Different Sides of Sydney

When visiting Sydney, you need to get in on the coffee culture that imbues every street, every cafe and restaurant. Wherever you look, you are bound to spot an Aussie sipping on a hot cup of artisan java obtained from freshly ground coffee blends.

Yes, drinking coffee is sort of a religion here, and if you weren't much of a coffee nut up until now, it's only because you haven't tasted coffee made the Aussie way. Be sure to visit Single Origin and Mecca Espresso.

A marine oasis

5 Different Sides of Sydney

Finally, Sydney is a true sanctuary for marine life, and you can encounter it anywhere you go, from the swirling rivers, to the vast ocean crashing on the shores, and of course, the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium for a close-up shot.

Here, you will find thousands of tropical, fresh, and saltwater fish, divided into five enormous habitat exhibitions. This is a perfect place to come face-to-face with various types of sharks and all kinds of unique underwater critters.

Sydney is a vast city full of excitement and adventure, and a single lifetime might not be enough to experience everything this architectural gem has to offer. Be sure to visit these spots on your next Sydney trip in order to live out an adventure of a lifetime.

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