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5 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Eat Broccoli

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

One common scene played out in all homes with kids is the sight of the parent asking a child to eat his greens, while the little prince or princess turns up her nose at it!! It's common knowledge that green vegetables are loaded with nutrients, but unfortunately, our kids don't find that fascinating enough!

One green vegetable that has most kids going 'yuck' is broccoli. Even it's cute tree shape isn't enough to gain entry into stubborn little mouths! But by refusing to eat broccoli, kids miss out on a lot of valuable nutrients. This cauliflower-lookalike actually belongs to the cabbage family and is native to Europe. It's now widely available in India, in supermarkets as well as high-end grocery stores.

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

Benefits of Broccoli for Kids

  • Better immunity - Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C which is essential for a strong immune system that protects kids from diseases
  • Good eyesight - Broccoli has high amounts of Vitamin A, along with other nutrients which help in developing good eyesight
  • Increased hemoglobin - Iron deficiency is the most common deficiency in Indian kids and broccoli can resolve this due to its high iron content
  • Good dietary fiber - A regular diet of broccoli keeps the bowels working well and prevents constipation

Broccoli may cause flatulence and discomfort due to gas, due to which it is not recommended for babies below 8 months. When buying, choose bright green vegetables with tightly packed florets, without any sign of decay. If you can, get organic varieties even if they cost a little more.

Now comes the tough part - how do we get kids to eat broccoli? Here are 5 easy recipes that are guaranteed to make broccoli your kids' new favorite vegetable. Don't believe us? Check these out!

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli
5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

This soup is a great recipe for all those fussy toddlers who run at the mention of vegetables. It is a light, yet warming soup for the cold season.

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

These baked nuggets are so yummy, any broccoli-hating kid will fall in love with them! The addition of cheddar makes these perfectly kid-friendly and are a great afternoon snack!

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

These little muffins are power packed with nutrients and your kid will get his daily dose of vitamins in one go!! With an assortment of fruits and vegetables, these muffins are a must try!

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

You won't believe that these biscuits have broccoli hidden in them! Eggless and dairy free, these are a great pick for your lactose intolerant child.

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

If your baby has started weaning and has gotten used to baby foods, then let her try these broccoli cheese frittata fingers. They're perfect for little hands and teeth and yummy to boot!

With these creative recipes, your kids are going to enjoy their food, not knowing how many nutrient they're actually getting! No more meal time tantrums or frustration in throwing away un-eaten food - only happy faces and full tummies!

Lots of Love,

5 Creative ways to get Kids to eat Broccoli

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