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5 Countries Where Indians Can Feel Rich And Spend Like King

By Admincosmotales

An abroad visit doesn't have to be always New York, London, Europe, or Los Angeles and we always complain about that how expensive it is to go abroad. There are many other beautiful and yet to be explored countries where Indians can feel rich.

There are some amazing places in the world where Indians can feel and spend like a Boss !!!

The value of Indian rupee is very weak in comparison to the dollar but it is still stronger than currencies of many countries in the world.

Presenting you the 5 countries where the value of Indian rupee is high enough to save you the great deal :

5 Countries Where Indians Can Feel Rich And Spend Like King
1 INR = 339 Dongs

Yes, your currency is stronger here. It is a Southeast Asian country known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. You really don't have to worry about your budget while staying here. Vietnam has so much to offer to its travelers as this country is always on the move.

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1 INR = 213 Rupiah

Here our desi rupee will make you feel like a total king. Indonesia is home to many varied groups speaking many different languages and is known for its islands, tropical climate, and clear blue water. It offers Indians a free visa on arrival. Bali is a great place here to have some great beaches and tropical gateways. And the icing on the top is, I am providing you link to save almost 30% on your hotel booking across the globe- means anywhere.

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1 INR = 88 Guarani

According to few surveys, it is considered the cheapest country in the world. This means that your rent is too cheap, your food is even cheaper and the beer is practically Free. Go Now. Here you can definitely float in the happy feeling of traveling rich.

1 INR = 63 Riel

Cambodia is a backpackers dream and is a mixture of old and new. The eighth wonder of the world Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia and represents its rich cultural heritage. Here one can easily get the bang of their Rupee as stay, food, and drink is so cheap here.

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1 INR = 4 Hungarian Forint

To our surprise, this European Currency can add power to our INR. It is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Here our currency will work almost five times as hard. This country has seeped into the culture so rich that every day exploring it would be a treat to our senses.

So there you go, pack your bags and visit these countries where you can spend a little to get a lot because of Dil to Roaming hai!

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