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5 Best Monsoon Fruits For Diabetic Patients That May Regulate Blood Sugar

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

Monsoon brings several fruits that are considered safe for diabetics. Some of those fruits have low-GI. GI is Glycaemic index which is a type of measure that shows how quickly the food is absorbed in the body, resulting in the rise in blood sugar levels. Here we include 5 Best Low-GI Monsoon Fruits For Diabetic Patients That May Regulate Blood Sugar.


This is the most-loved monsoon fruits. Plum's GI score is around 40 and they are rich in several vitamins and minerals.


Peaches are another best monsoon fruits good for diabetics. Peaches have a low GI of around 42 as well as low calories and may help manage weight in diabetics.


Cherries are extensively used in baking and cooking during summers & monsoons. This fruit is safe for diabetics to consume as they are rich in potassium, antioxidants. The GI score of these fruits is just 20.


This fruit can be consumed any season. They are healthy with a GI score of 39. After all it's a fruit that keeps the doctors away.


These Monsoon fruits are good for diabetic patients as it manages weight. They have a low GI of under 40.

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Guest Author:Vandana Sharma. Vandana is a personal nutritionist and likes to write blogs on nutrition and diets, and give advice online on dieting ways.
All of the GI scores mentioned above are as per the data by the ADA (American Diabetes Association)

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