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By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
Quite a few of my favorite bloggy friends are embarking on a 4 week stretch of being fit, setting some healthy goals and sticking to them to later share their progress. May is birthday month for me SO why not do a few things each day for the next few weeks to try and create and few healthy & feel good habits!?
* #4weeksFitvia:  Kristin & Erin
A couple weeks ago I mentioned my purchase of the Fitbit. I still LOVE it and wear it 24/7. I love the long lasting battery life. I LOVE watching and checking my steps throughout the day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleep tracker and silent alarm (probably my most favorite feature). All around I am pretty happy with my purchase and tell anyone that takes interest in it, to also get one!
Being that I love feeling active and being energized (these gloomy, cold & rainy days are NOT helping) I will work to maintain three goals this month.
1. Each day when I wake up, instead of reading my book for a few minutes or checking my phone I will do my morning neck & back stretches AND a 60 second plank!
2. I will do my VERY best to hit that 10000 step goal each day- but if not daily, than at LEAST twice a week!
3. Each week I will do a home workout. My own routine AND a "Bridget Workout' (found on her blog). So that is two home workouts each week- whether it be during nap time or before dinner, I will get this done!
And because I am crazy, and NEED to see these things getting done, I have this handy dandy little cheat sheet. I will leave a copy on the kitchen counter AND one on my desk for little reminders. I will make a list for everything just so that I can cross it off the a list. yessssss! HA- hey... don't judge, this TOTALLY works for me!
* #4weeksFit
And because I am SUPER DUPER OCD... I won't officially BEGIN until Monday 5/5- but will be 'practicing' thru the weekend. I just can't start this mid week ;)
Best of Luck to me, and if you are joining in on the fun, WAHOOOO, LET'S DO THIS! Share with me what your goals are! Link up with Kristin & Erin via their blogs. Share what your accomplished on May 31st. Let's all be accountable to one another and each of our individual goals. You might see some of this over the next couple of  weeks via Instagram @ajsonnekmn

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