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4knots Festival 2013 Preview

Posted on the 28 June 2013 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

header4knots 4KNOTS FESTIVAL 2013 PREVIEW

Sure, those three-day long mega fests are fun and always an experience, but there is something to be said for the smaller fests too. And by something I of course mean, I freaking love the smaller festivals. 4Knots has three things that make me very, very happy: it’s only one day long meaning exhaustion isn’t a factor in your experience, it always has a great line up of indie and rising acts, and it’s FREE. Of all those things, the last is probably the biggest draw, but it should be the line up. Year after year, 4Knots brings amazing indie acts, the kind that would be relegated to a small stage at a crappy time at a large festival, and gives them their due. With this year’s fest, we’re more excited than we’ve been in years for our Saturday at South Street Seaport.


Kurt Vile and the Viloators

 We’re absolutely entranced by Kurt Vile’s newest record Walkin on a Pretty Daze and have been since it came out. The lo-fi guitar wizard is somehow able to remain chill and easy to listen to while still making some of the most interesting and complex melodies out there. We’re especially looking forward to hearing the title track of the new album, live, which will surly translate to a pretty amazing live jam with Vile and his backing band. He’s absolutely going to be a spectacular was to top off the day at the South Street Sea Port.

Parquet Courts

Light Up Gold is another album that’s pretty much been on constant repeat for months and months around these parts. The jittery punk of Parquet Courts absolutely coursing with energy on the album and the few times we’ve seen them play live they translate that keneticness into a pretty incredible show. The guitar solo on “Stoned and Starving” is worthy of the Tom Verlaine and when they bust that out the whole pier is sure to go wild.

The Men

Speaking of amazing jittery punk, The Men are another Brooklyn based band much in the same vein as Parquet Courts and round out the top half of the bill perfectly. Open Your Heart is yet another album (we’re sensing a pattern here) that plays regularly and we’re 100% excited to see these boys bring their loudness to 4Knots.

Marnie Stern

4Knots keeps with a pretty solid sonic theme this year, and it’s a theme that we 100% can get behind. The raw rocking of Marnie Stern falls squarely in the same camp as the other bands we’re excited to see, with the key difference of added sunniness. It’s still balls out, it’s still absolutely amazing rock—but it has a sort of lo-fi summer-y feel to it that will be perfect for the beating sun down at the South Street Sea Port.

White Lung

Yet another incredible punk band rounds out the top of the bill this year. Their loud, riotous sets and complex hardcore is absolutely at home in this line up and with their perfect spot right in the middle of the bill, they’ll add a perfect burst of energy as the afternoon wears on.

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